Jesus for Rent

I don’t think I want one, but maybe some of you are interested in a Jesus: Incidentally the actual location is in New Zealand. (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Atheists’ Freethinking Children Are Considering Religion

Dear Richard We are an atheist couple with three children aged 10, 8 and 5. The youngest starts school this year. We have explained to our children that different people believe in different gods, but neither of us believe in god, and that when they are older they can decide for themselves what they want [Read More...]

Is the Atheist Movement on the Decline?

Wayne Laugesen, the editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette, has a piece in which he chides the atheist movement as a whole. He says we had a good run, but we’re committing a comedy of errors: … The organization Atheist Agenda, at the University of Texas-San Antonio, draws attention by offering pornography in [Read More...]

Update on Angie’s Abortion

Angie Jackson wrote a very popular (and controversial) posting on this site a few weeks ago about how she is having an abortion and documenting the process on YouTube and Twitter. Yesterday, she appeared on CNN, interviewed by Kyra Phillips: Considering that was her first *live* interview, I’m impressed. Angie was calm and collected throughout. [Read More...]

Did Florida Governor Charlie Crist Attack an Atheist?

That’s the latest rumor floating around, courtesy of Michael Middlebrooks: Last night as I was leaving a pizzeria in Downtown St. Pete, I ran into a small group of people around Florida Governor Charlie Crist who was campaigning for a US Senate run. So, I walked over waited a moment to gain his attention and [Read More...]