A Streetcar Named Disbelief!

The New Orleans Secular Humanist Association recently got approval for their own contribution to the unofficial atheism marketing campaign: An atheist sign on a streetcar! It’s one ad. It costs $550. And it’ll be up through Mardi Gras. Association President Harry Greenberger said his 100-member group, like others across the nation, is looking for like-minded [Read More...]

Keep ‘Em Coming

The pictures of readers and their celebrity encounters are awesome so far A very impressive roster of people. Keep them coming! [Read more...]

Illinois Family Institute Lashes Out Against Chicago Public Schools CEO

Since Chicago Public Schools’ previous CEO Arne Duncan became Barack Obama‘s Secretary of Education, there’s been a vacancy for the spot. Mayor Richard Daley finally appointed someone to the position yesterday — Ron Huberman: Already, [Huberman] has drafted a plan to bolster school security and laid the groundwork to install — first on the business [Read More...]

The Veritas Forum at The Ohio State University

Next weekend, I’ll be at The Ohio State University in Columbus to have a public discussion with Jay Gamelin (pastor of Jacob’s Porch) on various aspects of the Christian church. It’s sponsored by The Veritas Forum. Some of the questions we will be discussing: What do Christians think of when they hear about “church/state separation”? [Read More...]