Dave Silverman Promotes Reason Rally on CNN

In case you missed it this morning, here’s the video of American Atheists president Dave Silverman talking about the Reason Rally on CNN: It’s a quick and appropriate dismissal of what the critics have said about the Hebrew and Arabic billboards. Also, the host asks Dave about Alain de Botton‘s idea of an “Atheist Temple” [Read More…]

What’s Wrong with This Argument?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader… It begins with some assumptions and a conclusion. Yes, the assumptions are generalized (obviously, there are exceptions), but I hope you find it worth discussing. Feel free to poke holes in the argument. Assumption 1) Christians are opposed to abortions. Assumption 2) According to Christians, if a baby [Read More…]

Anti-Muslim Group Wants to Run FFRF-Like Ad in New York Times; NYT Says No

Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation ran this ad in the New York Times, encouraging people to leave the Catholic Church: It’s time to quit the Roman Catholic Church. Will it be reproductive freedom, or back to the Dark Ages? Do you choose women and their rights, or Bishops and their wrongs? Whose side [Read More…]

Tentative Schedule (and Tips) for the Reason Rally

The tentative schedule for the day is now up on the Reason Rally website! (Notice that Bill Maher is listed as addressing the crowd via video — nifty! A lot of people have been asking about him and it’s nice to be able to say “Yes, he’ll address the crowd” even if he won’t be [Read More…]

So *That’s* How Jesus Did It…

It was Red Bull, everyone. Red Bull. Somehow, that ad is controversial… I still prefer Family Guy‘s version of Jesus’ miracles: (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more…]