Jesus: He’s Everywhere You Want Him To Be

For once, I must take issue with one of Jessica Hagy‘s notecards: She completely ignored the Jesus that was found in cat fur! And we all know Cat Fur Jesus is the real Jesus. (Thanks to beltranpr for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Jesus, Indexed[/tags] [Read more...]

Can You Give Some Advice to This Teacher?

This is a bit lengthy but please read it. From the FAForums: I believe I have been fired from my job due to being an atheist. I don’t know if I can prove it. I really don’t think I have any legal protection from what happened but if I do I want to know about [Read More...]

They Just Keep Getting Younger…

And I keep getting more disturbed: A number of thoughts immediately come to mind: This makes more sense than what many adult pastors say. This isn’t brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing. I wonder what role the parents had in making [Read More...]

Ideas for a Humanist Wedding Ceremony?

From FAForumite kungfu: I’m getting hitched in a few months. I come from a largely fundamentalist baptist background but I’ve been an atheist for a number of years. My bride-to-be was raised Lutheran and while she has some fundies on her side, her immediate family is pretty laid back. She still holds onto her religion, [Read More...]

How To Make People Very Angry

All you have to do is have this banner flown over a large city: On a recently filmed episode of the show Kenny vs. Spenny, where the two guys attempt to beat each other in random competitions, the battle was over who could piss off the most people. Kenneth Joel Hotz (Kenny) went with the [Read More...]