Arkansas Atheists: Even If It’s Unenforceable, the Constitution Still Says We Can’t Run for Office

We know there are a number of states that forbid atheists from running for public office. Those laws are unenforceable, but sometimes, pointing them out is a way to show people what atheists have had to overcome in the past several decades. The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers raised awareness of their own state Constitution’s “No [Read More…]

Edward Tarte Reaches Out to a Mormon Ex-Student of His

Note: Edward has two earlier YouTube videos about his outreach to Mormons — and their outreach to him You can watch those two videos here and here. [Read more…]

Bryan Fischer’s Underground Railroad for Children of Same-Sex Couples

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer tweeted this the other day: This seems like an appropriate response: [Read more…]

God Defines Marriage

Mr. Deity tackles the definition of marriage: [Read more…]

The Creation Museum Just Got Updated…

If you’ve ever visited the Creation Museum (as I have… twice… WTF?), then you no doubt remember the Hallway of Doom. This is the dark hallway with creepy red lighting and disturbing background noise… and a collage of magazine articles on the wall explaining what happens when God’s out of the picture and everyone is [Read More…]