How Much God Is Too Much?

Part 2, I guess, of the previous post. How much should you tell your children about God? Adam Wolstenholme says you have to tell them something. His mom asks him not to go overboard with it — don’t talk about nails and torture and Jesus on the Cross. A friend at work says he ought [Read More...]

How Much Santa is Too Much?

The yearly dilemma for atheists this time of year: Do you tell your children about Santa? (It’s irrational to believe in mythical beings… so isn’t it hypocritical to teach them to think critically about God but then spoon-feed them the myth of Santa?) If you do, how much detail should you include? (That Santa eats [Read More...]

Should This Atheist Propose to His Christian Girlfriend?

Interfaith dating is never easy — it’s certainly tough when an atheist dates a Christian. But a few couples have found ways to make it work. Atheist reader Steve is hoping he can make it work with his Christian partner. He writes this in an email: I am a 36-year-old male who has been an [Read More...]

What *Isn’t* Part of the War on Christmas?

Does anyone else feel like the media is drawn to anyone who speaks in favor of atheism this time of year? Every minor dissent is seen as a contribution to the War on Christmas… (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

An Atheist Isn’t Allowed to Marry Anyone — Even in Las Vegas

In order to perform a wedding ceremony in Nevada, as in many other states, you must be part of some congregation. Humanist celebrants in American can get around this by saying they are part of The Humanist Society which has tax status as a religious group. But some atheists don’t want to go that route. [Read More...]