A Better Apology for the Slavery Billboard

You can argue that the PA Nonbelievers/American Atheists billboard that featured a Bible verse about slavery wasn’t offensive if you took a second to read the fine print and understand the (anti-slavery) meaning behind it: But it’s also true that the intended message wasn’t conveyed properly. Most locals just didn’t get it. And even some [Read More…]

Bruce Gleason Featured in OC Weekly Newspaper

Take a look at the subject of the OC Weekly‘s cover story: Bruce Gleason of the Backyard Skeptics! Bruce Gleason, a 57-year-old Villa Park resident, has become something of a legend in the community of godless Orange Countians who read his quotes in news reports, devour his writing on his website and watch his public-access, [Read More…]

Your Prayers Aren’t Helping

When disasters occur, prayers don’t help… Click here for the rest of the Ape, Not Monkey comic. [Read more…]

Foxhole Atheist Murder Mystery

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a former soldier was killed because he was atheist. The soldier had a troubled past; apparently, he was reported missing from Ft Sill in December of 2005. It is unclear if this was a violation of his enlistment. Brittany Green allegedly told authorities that her brother [Justin Green] said [Read More…]

Yes He Does

Artist Castro Burger is responsible for these fliers seen in Los Angeles Your move, Westboro Baptist Church. (via Boing Boing — Thanks to Gil for the link!) [Read more…]