Jesus Christ on a Unicorn (Limited Edition!)

I must have these plates. What better location to put my dinner babies? The creator of the Lysergic Christ® commemorative plates, Shane Swank, promotes them this way: These initial four designs would have looked right at home on your Grandmother’s kitchen walls, that is if your Grandmother was a psychedelic warrior. These are designed for [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Coming Clean: Ethical Questions About Baptizing for Non-Religious Reasons

I received two letters from non-believers considering baptizing their kids. Both are wondering about the ethics of the issue but they are brought to the question by different motives. Dear Richard, I was raised Catholic, but have not been religious for most of my life. I was fortunate to have very good parents who were [Read More...]

Barbara Bradley Hagerty Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About

As I read through the article (originally a piece for NPR’s Morning Edition) by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, the constant thought runnin through my head was “that’s wrong,” “that’s wrong,” “that’s wrong”… Let us count the missteps. A Bitter Rift Divides Atheists The headline may not have been written by Hagerty, but it’s wrong for reasons [Read More...]

Atheist Subway Ads Get Publicity in New York City

The press release wasn’t slated to go out until next week, and the ads aren’t even up yet, but word leaked to the local media and, all of a sudden, the Big Apple Coalition of Reason and their subway ads are a hot topic in Manhattan: I love the wording: “A Million New Yorkers Are [Read More...]

Christian Student Involved in Lawsuit Now Gives Speeches at Republican Fundraisers

Back in May, I posted this story: California teacher Jim Corbett lost his case against student Chad Farnan. Farnan had accused his history teacher of make anti-Christian comments during class and the court agreed. Based on the lawsuit and the comments I’d read Corbett had made, I wasn’t siding with the teacher (though I agreed [Read More...]