Media Shines Spotlight on Pastors-Who-Become-Atheists

The Clergy Project is getting some well-deserved attention in the press. Barbara Bradley Hagerty tells the story of project director Teresa MacBain: Her secret is taking a toll, eating at her conscience as she goes about her pastoral duties week after week — two sermons every Sunday, singing hymns, praying for the sick when she [Read More…]

Christianity is a Fact because This Guy Says So

Murray Lynch of Auburn, New York has a problem. He has no idea what the word “fact” means. So in a letter-to-the-editor, he just throws it everywhere and hopes it’ll stick: The proof that Jesus truly was the Son of God has been proven 100 percent. God the Father, God the Son and God the [Read More…]

nakedpastor: Fear the Question

[Read more…]

Richard Asks: A Dialogue (of sorts) With Two Christians: How Would You Have Responded?

I recently received an unusual email apparently from a young Christian girl. The subject line was “one Question,” but there were seven questions. The email address contained a male name, but the letter was signed with a female name. I had some doubts about the letter’s veracity, but I decided to respond anyway, and I’m [Read More…]

Candidate Without a Prayer: Review and Interview with Author Herb Silverman

It was a bit of a challenge writing this book review without revealing or spoiling the number of anecdotal gems contained within.  Herb Silverman, if you’re unfamiliar, is an atheist, activist, and the President of the Secular Coalition for America. When asked to review Candidate Without a Prayer, I was at first concerned that it [Read More…]