Which Group Just Joined the Secular Coalition for America?

As of last week, the members of the Secular Coalition for America — the group in Washington D.C. that lobbies on behalf of the non-religious — included the following nine organizations: American Ethical Union American Humanist Association Atheist Alliance International Camp Quest Freedom From Religion Foundation Institute for Humanist Studies Military Association of Atheists and [Read More...]

My Students Reflect on Their Year in My Math Class, Part 2

Just as I did last year, I gave my math students (mostly sophomores, some seniors) a brief questionnaire at the end of the year. It’s a self-reflection where I gauge what they thought of my class and me as a teacher. I promised them I wouldn’t read their responses until after final grades were submitted. [Read More...]

I Can’t Wait Until Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009

Jen’s pics from Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008 remind me why it’s the greatest holiday of the year. It honors the Flying Spaghetti Monster (peace be upon Him). Just click on the pic below to expand it and enjoy the wonderful posters: Just under a hundred days before the next celebration… I’m sure the [Read More...]

Interfaith Understanding

A quotation from Jesus and Mo, discussing the Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Promoting peace by increasing inter-faith understanding makes about as much sense as promoting sobriety by increasing alcohol consumption. Discuss. [Read more...]

Atheist Billboard to Go Up in South Florida

The first atheist billboard in South Florida is about to go up thanks to an anonymous donor! It’s straight-forward in its message and makes excellent use of color: The billboard will go up on June 22nd and will remain there for a month. If you’d like to help keep it up for one additional month, [Read More...]