Edward Tarte Shares His Thoughts About Funerals

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An Update to the Christian Church’s Billboard in North Carolina

Earlier today, I posted about this billboard up in North Carolina: While I appreciated the sentiment, I wanted to know if it was an attempt to look good without actually pushing for real change. I wanted to know if the church supported same-sex marriage. And, though less important, what did they they think of gay [Read More…]

Bad Reasons to Change Your Last Name After Marriage

We can debate whether or not it’s a good idea to change your last name after you get married, but Andrée Seu Peterson at World Magazine (a Christian publication) explains how she changed her name after having a talk with her husband: When nothing else was working my true love said to me, “Andrée, ultimately [Read More…]

Who is Whining About Contraception Now?

Surprise! It’s the Catholics, Lutherans, and Presbyterians in Orlando, FL! Bishop John Noonan thinks that insurance covering contraception and sterilization is an “affront to [their] religious beliefs”: The payment of our insurance premiums will also subsidize abortion inducing drugs even though we do not believe in this culture of death. *Cue thunder clap* Culture of death?! [Read More…]

A Christian Church Puts Up Billboard Apologizing to Gay People… But Is It Enough?

In response to all the Christian hate directed at gay people lately, it looks like a breath of fresh air to see the San Diego-based Missiongathering Christian Church‘s new billboard in North Carolina: Before you get all excited like everyone online seems to be, here are two questions worth asking the members of this church: [Read More…]