God Hates My Car

One of my car’s headlights wasn’t working. Last night, I replaced it. Then I put the keys in the ignition for the drive home and the car didn’t make a sound. Because the battery died. So last night, I replaced that, too. Then I *really* started to go back home and I realized that my [Read More...]

Christian Leader Resigns Because of His Almost-Tolerant Views of Homosexuals

Richard Cizik is probably still seen as intolerant from this side of the fence since he’s still not sure about that whole “gay marriage” thing. But he does support civil unions. He was on NPR’s Fresh Air last week: In a short portion of the program, [host Terry] Gross asked him, “A couple of years [Read More...]

Watch Video of the Colbert Report

Just add that to your checklist of things to do for tomorrow. Tonight’s episode should be available early tomorrow. So far, he’s mentioned the Freedom From Religion Foundation (and video of Dan Barker) and American Atheists’ lawsuit against the state of Kentucky! Very exciting. And funny. [Read more...]

Where Are the Rich, Anonymous Atheist Donors?

The other day, a colleague at work told me to pray for a snow day. He knows I don’t believe in God — He just figured my atheist prayers would be much more powerful than his own No snow day. Epic fail. Maybe I should give it a shot, though. Reverend Tom McDaniels from Lifebridge [Read More...]

The Floodgates Have Opened

Now that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up an atheist plaque in the Olympia, Washington Capitol building, guess who else wants to join them? The emotional saga over religious displays at Washington’s state capitol grew even more bizarre today, as a controversial Kansas group requested permission to put up a sign titled “Santa [Read More...]