Who Approved This Giveaway…?

You would think someone in the church would have said, “This could turn bad… very bad. Let’s not do it.” Instead, the plan went on as scheduled. It was stopped only when an instructor injured his foot and couldn’t attend: An Oklahoma church canceled plans for a gun giveaway Friday at its annual youth conference, [Read More...]

Humanist Symposium #22

The Humanist Symposium can be found this week at Faith in Honest Doubt. Go read it! The next HS is at Disillusioned Words in three weeks. Submit your entries here! [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Your Best Blog Post?

Simple question: What blog post are you proudest of writing? Note that it may not necessarily be your most popular posting. Personally, I was very happy with Why I’m Not an Angry Atheist. I’ve cited it in a number of my talks and the post still applies today. I’ll also mention my interview with Mike [Read More...]

Repair Man Proselytizing

Here’s an ethical dilemma for you. Your phone line (which connects you to the Internet) isn’t working. You call the company and they send out a repairman. He comes over. You make small talk. Then at some point, he says: “You know how I was talking about how I like history? I wanted to show [Read More...]

A Response to Wafergate

***Update***: The Florida student didn’t steal the wafer. He just took it out of the service after it had been given to him. A few changes below reflect that. … You’ve heard more than enough on Wafergate. But I wanted to add one more (one last?) comment. To briefly recap the story: PZ Myers made [Read More...]