Bob Meets the Christians

Bob Wire was visited by a couple female Christians last weekend… so he decided to indulge them in conversation: “What took you so long?” I said, bracing myself for the intervention. The younger of the two gave me a quizzical look, then took a step forward and opened up her Bible, pointing to a lengthy [Read More...]

Open Thread

Feel free to discuss anything, ask questions, introduce yourself, etc. Be nice [Read more...]

Interview on Moody Radio’s Prime Time America

An interview I had taped a few months ago aired on Moody Broadcasting Network’s Prime Time America (a Christian show) recently. You can listen to that interview here (beginning at the 9:50 mark). The host, Lee Rugen, talks to Jim Henderson (my soul’s “buyer”), Joel Kneedler (publicity manager at Waterbrook Press), and a pastor who [Read More...]

Help Possummomma

Possummomma (a.k.a., Atheist in a mini van) has Lupus-related sensitivity to light. She can’t even spend time with her kids in certain rooms because of the danger in being exposed to UV rays. More of her backstory can be found here. Berlzebub’s Inferno has been spearheading a campaign to raise money to help take care [Read More...]

Unitarian Universalist Discussion Questions For I Sold My Soul on eBay

Steve Caldwell has compiled a new list of discussion questions for I Sold My Soul on eBay, specifically for Unitarian Universalist groups: The discussion questions [in the back of the book]… assume a more traditional Christian point of view and are not applicable for most Unitarian Universalists. Many of these discussion questions are not applicable [Read More...]