How Pushy Should Atheists Be?

When Mark Oppenheimer of the New York Times wrote an article that I wasn’t particular fond of, I was afraid I’d cringe reading his follow-up piece. The first article was about a minor issue — a squabble between the current and former leader of the Center for inquiry that really wasn’t an important story for [Read More...]

A Comedian’s Religion Rant

Comedian Bo Burnham‘s special “Words, Words, Words” airs tonight on Comedy Central — his new CD will be released on Tuesday — and here’s a sneak preview that Catholics may not like… Lots of excellent wordplay in here. Here are the lyrics in case you’d like to follow along: All the seats at the Sunday [Read More...]

Baby Shirts

You know what would make these designs even better? Putting them on t-shirts. What?! Already done? Fantastic. Now, all I have to do is find an atheist convention where my shirts will be appreciated… (Thanks to The Godless Monster for the link!) [Read more...]

Jesus Does Not Care? Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

***Update***: A reader has registered both and If you think you can make use of one or both of the sites, please leave a comment and the reader will send you the domains! … It seems like a perfectly honest atheist ad: Of course Jesus doesn’t care. He’s dead. So he can’t. (Talk [Read More...]

Moment of Silence and Prayer Back in Play in Illinois

The last time I wrote about this subject was a year-and-a-half ago and I thought I was done… Here’s what I wrote about the Mandatory Moment of Silence back then: Last year, Illinois passed a Mandatory Moment of Silence and Prayer Act. After being sued, it was changed [to] a Voluntary Moment of Silence bill. [Read More...]