An Atheist’s Vanity Plate

We know some people on the Religious Right want to see their home states inject religious beliefs or moral values on every license plate. Atheists don’t go that route. It seems we prefer vanity plates — a personalized way to express yourself. This new one from an atheist in North Carolina is no exception: I [Read More...]

An Eternal Life For Everyone — Including Atheists

You want to make Christians look bad? Ask them to explain what happened to a person like Mahatma Gandhi — a kind, non-violent, respected, revolutionary, non-Christian man — after he died. Honest Evangelical Christians will tell you what they believe: He’s currently rotting in hell. Atheists and Jews and gay people will suffer the same [Read More...]

What Do You See?

Reader Lexi did a little experiment recently — it involved mixing some Bacardi 151 (alcohol) with ice cream and setting the mixture on fire. She was able to take a picture of the result: In the spirit of pareidolia, she sees an angel. I see The Lion King — Rafiki holding Simba up for everyone [Read More...]

Anti-Preaching: Should Atheists Proselytize?

***Update***: The article’s subject, Omar Call, responded to this post and the article about him in the comments. … We’ve all been annoyed by street preachers before. Some of us (atheists and religious people) try to avoid them altogether. Others prefer to debate them head on. Would it be any different if the “street preacher” [Read More...]

My Favorite Holiday Card

Thanks, Ashley And thank you, His Noodliness, for all you’ve given us this year. Anyone else get any memorable cards this holiday season? [Read more...]