A Church’s Missed Opportunity

When I heard about the following program at PromiseLand West church in Austin, Texas, I got excited: I love it when churches do this! They are asking which side of their theological spectrum makes more sense — belief or non-belief in God. Of course they’re going to say belief makes more sense. But it’s a [Read More...]

Empty Megachurches in Pictures

Photographer Joe Johnson has a new exhibit in Boston’s Gallery Kafayas that displays photos of empty megachurches. If you’ve never been to a church like this before, you should see some of these photos. It’s unbelievable how decked out they are: That one is a children’s ministry. One setup (“Instruments, St. Louis MO”) looks likes [Read More...]

Where Are All the Non-White Atheists?

There never seem to be many of us minorities in the atheist crowd. You go to a conference or a local meeting, the percentage of minorities are a lot smaller than in the general population. Quick: Name ten non-white atheists! (Can you do it? Are you struggling?) Vjack has a theory about this: This is [Read More...]

Is That Really the Phone Number?

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign is picking up speed. They have the ad ready to go and a slow but steady influx of donations (they’ve raised $7500, with $1000 coming just in the past few days). They also applied to get a phone number — that way, people interested in learning more about atheism because [Read More...]

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Is Going to Destroy Everything, Says Conservative Christian Group

Check out this ad (PDF) that the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) placed in the Connecticut Post (click for larger image) a few days ago: It reads: You’re Cordially Invited To Witness Your Rights Being Taken Away We wish to inform you that: Same-Sex Marriage Bill 899 will deny citizens their religious rights. Schools that [Read More...]