There’s Watered-Down Christianity in Finland, Too

After reading about Patrik‘s experience with Christianity in Sweden, Tom sent me an email describing life in Finland: I live in the neighbouring country of Finland and we have the same kind of cultural Christianity traditions going on over here. Basically a person visits church four times in his/her life: When baptized, when confirmed, when [Read More...]

FOX News Angry at Lack of Religious Displays in Washington State Capitol

FOX News Channel can’t believe it. The Capitol Building in Washington state isn’t allowing atheist displays or Nativity scenes or anything else… How *dare* the state government treat all groups equally?! Essentially, they’re reporting on what is a lack of news. They cover it if no religious/non-religious displays go up. They cover it if atheist [Read More...]

Ask Richard: A Biologist Silent in the Face of Her Uncle’s Teaching Against Evolution

Note: When letter writers sign with their first name instead of a pseudonym, I randomly change their name to give them another layer of privacy. Hi Richard, I’m writing in because of a bit of a family happening I came upon this weekend while at my grandma’s 90th birthday celebration. To give you a bit [Read More...]

A Prisoner Reflects on Robert G. Ingersoll

Leslie Zukor runs the Freethought Book Project, which sends books about atheism to prisoners across the country. Recently, she received a letter from Michael L., a prisoner from Peoria, Illinois. She had sent him a book called American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll, about the Great Agnostic. Michael wrote a very moving letting back to her. [Read More...]

As You Begin Your Holiday Shopping…

Just a reminder to anyone who plans to shop online this holiday season: If you’re buying anything on Amazon in the near future, please use this link to get to the website! If you do that, a portion of your spending will come back to me and I will smile. Last year, a few people [Read More...]