Shocker: Sean Hannity Gets It Wrong

I was there. Sean Hannity wasn’t. So why is he acting like he knows what happened at the Secular Coalition for America’s briefing with Obama Administration officials? Hannity: The Obama administration earlier today rolled out the red carpet for a coalition of atheist groups. Now, among the individuals in attendance was Michael Newdow. That’s the [Read More...]

Who’s Attacking Whom…?

Oh no! Christians are attacking atheists! Or maybe it’s fundamentalist Christians attacking liberal Christians. Or maybe it’s church elders attacking the doubting youth. Or maybe it’s aggressive atheists attacking appeasing atheists. Or maybe… Oh, who knows. In any case, it seems like the wrong person is getting attacked. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Questions Left Out of Jubilee’s Atheist-Christian Panel Discussion

Last weekend, I was at a Christian conference called Jubilee to participate in a panel discussion (not debate) on religion. Interestingly enough, the (Christian) moderator Steve Lutz put together a list of the questions he wanted to ask us (and did), the audience-submitted questions he did ask us, and the audience-submitted questions he decided were [Read More...]

Atheist Group Forms at Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University has an atheist group now, so you should join “[The Atheist Community of Jonesboro] was formed because Northeast Arkansas non-theists have no representation in the area, and no forum through which to socialize, to network and to organize,” Joseph Langston, ACJ president, wrote in an e-mail. “…We aren’t against the religious, we [Read More...]

Surviving the Faith-based Medical Neglect of My Childhood: An Ex-Christian Scientist’s Story

I mentioned earlier that during the Secular Coalition for America’s briefing with White House officials, Liz Heywood, one of the speakers from our side, was unable to make it because of the weather. As a child, Liz’s Christian Scientist parents saw that she had a bone infection. Instead of getting her the medical help she [Read More...]