Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the Reason Rally

Below is high-quality video of Richard Dawkins‘ speech at the Reason Rally (Dawkins starts speaking at the 10:21 mark). Sean Faircloth (Director of Strategy & Policy at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science) provides the opening act while talking about his Ten Point Vision of a Secular America. RDFRS Executive Director Dr. Elisabeth [Read More…]

Kick Your Faith to the Curb

This interview with Professor Peter Boghossian about religion is fairly entertaining: Do you think the world would be better if people didn’t use faith as a method of reasoning? Yeah, I do. My mentor said to me once, “Pete, you’d be so much better if you just didn’t do stupid shit.” That’s a lesson for [Read More…]

An Alternative View of Popular Religious Symbols

Religious symbols have different meanings to different people and Crispian Jago doesn’t hold back in his word art: There are two other images at his site. [Read more…]

How Many Hispanic ‘Nones’ Are There? Survey Says 14%!

We tend to think of ethnic minorities as being more religious than the general population, but new data shows this may not be the case any more. The Pew Hispanic Center just released the results of a nationwide poll and found that non-religious Latinos are more numerous than we might think. In fact, unaffiliated Hispanics [Read More…]

In Response to City’s Jesus Display, FFRF Counters with ‘Jesus is a Myth’ Banner

For five years now, city officials in Streator, Illinois have allowed a sign to go up in a local park reading, “Jesus died for your sins”: Last month, they also allowed the erection of three Christian crosses: This is the same park that hosted a nativity scene this past winter, by the way. Eyebrows went [Read More…]