An Offer You Can Refuse

Yep. This is pretty much what I imagine God looks like: (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Spray-On Jesus

I finally understand how Jesus appears on things like toast and an iron: Here what we know: -Jesus is in a can -Jesus is bleeding -There’s now 20% more Jesus. I wonder: Is Jesus bad for the environment, too? (Thanks to Becky for the link!) [Read more...]

Feynman on Doubt

by Jesse Galef Everyone can do with more Feynman in their lives. I hear tell that there’s a treasure trove of his lectures called project Tuva, but I haven’t investigated it yet. I found this video of him having a conversation in an interview. As such, he has more asides and tangents than he would [Read More...]

Tim Tebow’s Surely Not the Only Talented, Generous Athlete Out There

Looks like Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow put more Bible verses under his eyes over the weekend: Actually, the verses under his eyes were from Hebrews. But whatever. I still don’t believe he would’ve been able to step onto that field if the words “There is” and “No God” were written under his eyes no [Read More...]

Australian Government Gives Millions for Religious Conference, None for Atheist Conference

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. and Atheist Alliance International are hosting a Global Atheist Convention in 2010. It’s going to be awesome, not just for the participants, but for the state of Victoria. With possibly over 2,000 attendees, that’s a big chunk of tourism change coming into the region. It makes sense, then, that [Read More...]