Atheist Parenting Group Makes News in North Carolina

Here’s a very positive article by Yonat Shimron of The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC about atheist parents gathering together each week to share wisdom and ideas on how to raise children. These parents know what it’s like to fumble for the right answer to questions such as “Why don’t we go to church?” [Read More...]

Simon Singh Addresses His Case to Hundreds in London

I love when groups of intelligent people can get together in support of a fellow skeptic. Simon Singh spoke to 200-300 supporters about the chiropractic libel case today. To summarize, Singh criticized the methods of chiropractics in a newspaper article last year but a judge recently claimed that he was attacking the practitioners of it [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in Indiana Given Green Light

There was craziness last week when Transpo, a company that controls which ads are placed on buses in South Bend, decided to delay atheist advertising on their buses. It looked a little something like this: Even though the money had been paid, the atheists couldn’t capitalize on Barack Obama‘s weekend appearance at Notre Dame and [Read More...]

I Believe in Angles

This is *perfect* for atheist math teachers like myself: Of course we should believe in angles. But only the Right ones. My Guardian Angle helped me quite a bit when I took the SATs. The image was created by Kristine Hoppenworth, a student freethought leader from Florida. You can purchase it on shirts/hats/buttons/etc. at CafePress. [Read More...]

Madeline Neumann Died Because Her Parents Prayed Instead of Getting Help… Here’s the Irony

11-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died over a year ago. She suffered from undiagnosed diabetes and didn’t have enough insulin in her body… she hadn’t even visited a doctor since the age of three. She drifted into a coma one night and soon died. Her parents never bothered to call a doctor — they just prayed. [Read More...]