When The Amish Attack!

I’ve been following this story for the last few months, and it’s a gentle reminder that even the most mild-mannered religions can have not-so-mild-mannered followers. Case in point: Amish man Samuel Mullet (which, by the way, is the most stereotypical Amish name I’ve ever seen). 16 members of Mullet’s community were just found guilty of [Read More…]

Global Coalition Goes Way Too Far in Respect for ‘All Religions’

Yesterday, in response to the violence and protests around the Muslim world, a coalition of the world’s regional international organizations released a joint statement (PDF) that they called a message of “peace and tolerance.” The statement, released by the European Union, the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and the African Union expressed “anguish” [Read More…]

Rick Perry: Satan is Responsible for the Idea of Church/State Separation

During a conference call with evangelical Christians earlier this week, one-time Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry told listeners that separation of church and state isn’t just a bad idea — it’s an idea that we can blame on Satan: This separation of church and state, which has been driven by the secularists to remove those [Read More…]

Judge Temporarily Allows Kountze High School to Use Bible Banners at Football Games

The other day, I posted about a public high school in Kountze, Texas, where cheerleaders held signs with Bible verses for the football players to run through as they came onto the field at the beginning of their games. After a letter from FFRF was sent to the district, the school temporarily halted the prayer [Read More…]

Edward Tarte Shares Story of Laughter Breaking Out in a Sacred Place

[Link to video] [Read more…]