Be Thankful God Didn’t Make You a Turkey

(via Jeff Swenson‘s Freethunk!) [Read more...]

Looking for Solstice Gifts?

If you’re still shopping around for a science-obsessed child, check out Charlie’s Playhouse — shipping is free to anywhere in the continental U.S. for the next week! You can finally get that Giant Timeline of Evolution you’ve been dreaming about: [Read more...]

Guess Which Christians Groups Are Firing Staff Members?

You may already have heard that Focus on the Family is cutting jobs: “There’s still a great demand for the resources we offer,” said Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger on Tuesday. “It’s simply a fact that the economy is affecting our donors and, therefore, affecting us.” The staff reductions, which will decrease the number of employees [Read More...]

Atheist Group Picture

Last week, I spoke to the Secular Students Association at Elmhurst College in Illinois. Before the evening ended, we took the obligatory amusing group photo. This one includes students of a few other faiths, too, but they had a great sense of humor about it: Do any other student groups take semi-sacrilegious photos? If you [Read More...]

The Secular Right

Here’s an interesting new blog — one for atheists who are right-wing, center-right, and libertarian: We believe that conservative principles and policies need not be grounded in a specific set of supernatural claims. Rather, conservatism serves the ends of “Human Flourishing,” what the Greeks termed Eudaimonia. Secular conservatism takes the empirical world for what it [Read More...]