Superstition Kills: A Must-See Video

What’s wrong with superstition? Sometimes, it can make gullible people believe that something other than themselves controls their lives. But in the worst of scenarios, it can kill. We’ve already seen religious superstition do that in the case of Madeline Neumann when her parents denied her the medicine she needed because they felt God would [Read More...]

Westboro Baptist Church Just Got Stranger…

Give it up to Fred Phelps and the folks at Westboro Baptist Church: They definitely know something about atheists. Take a look at their explanation for Sunday’s protest at Seattle Pacific University: Commence Ur trip to hell! We will be on hand at your graduation to ask a few things and point out a few [Read More...]

Would You Allow Christians To Pray Over Your Baby… If They Asked Nicely?

Many of you had thoughts on whether or not you’d allow a stranger to pray over your baby. Reader Ruby Leigh wonders if a particular twist on the prayer would change your mind about it: I just read the piece about the Wal-Mart woman praying over Lulu without request… I can understand how this would [Read More...]

NASCAR and the Creation Museum

***Update***: Richard Wade wins the prize for greatest comment in this thread: The Creation Museum NASCAR team thinks the Meijer 300 race is only 3 miles long. Nicely put, Richard. … It’s stereotypical I suppose… but the match doesn’t surprise me at all. The Creation Museum will be sponsoring a car driven by Bobby Hamilton [Read More...]

The Sotomayor Hearings May Now Continue…

Last time I had heard of Rev. Rob Schenck, he was anointing the doorway President Obama would pass through on the way to his Inauguration. With the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor scheduled to begin on July 13th, Schenck is back. He has decided to bless the door of Senate Hart [Read More...]