Thoughts on Election Night

I spent election night at the Barack Obama rally in Chicago. It was an incredible experience. Though I was with a “ticketed” friend, I still ended up far away from the “on-air” action, but I was still in the crowd, joining in the collective experience. Some highlights from the evening: I got into the “tickets” [Read More...]

Brief Thoughts on the Barack Obama Presidency

I wrote an article on the aftermath of the election (and Barack Obama’s victory) for Humanist Network News. You can check it out here! [Read more...]


There’s a typo and an entertaining example of sexual innuendo on this price tag… but you still have to appreciate that the product serves as a dual coffee-maker and “God Filter.” Those God Filters are so expensive nowadays… (via Megan Mayer) [Read more...]

Passive Aggressive Christianity

Have you ever shared office space with a religious co-worker? I did. One day, I saw the awful book The Secret on her desk. I decided to make the offhand comment, “You’re reading that book?!” To which she responded with a completely serious tone: “I’m sorry I’m not reading one of your atheist books.” Yikes. [Read More...]


It was a great night. Time to sleep. And go to work in a few hours… More on the Obama rally soon. For now consider this an open election thread. [Read more...]