Aww, Thanks Everyone

This site won the Bloggie for Best Weblog About Religion! Thanks to everyone who voted My life’s goal is complete now… because I have defeated Jen. I think I should take the day off of work tomorrow and celebrate as my Internet Money comes rolling in… [Read more...]

Reasons to Not Be Mormon

I already posted one young woman speaking out against religion, so why not another? Here’s Laci Green listing off a number of reasons she’s no longer a Mormon: I love seeing people — younger women, older men, everyone in between — speaking honestly and openly about why they’re no longer religious. You could share your [Read More...]

The Atheist Billboard That May Come To Iowa…

American Atheists is having their annual convention in Des Moines, Iowa April 21-24, and they’d like to get a billboard up there in the hopes that it’ll enjoy the same level of publicity of their previous ones. Here’s the mockup of the new one: Much like the others, this one calls out specifically to other [Read More...]

Is Rob Bell a Real Christian?

As popular as Christian pastor/author Rob Bell may be, I was surprised to see him as a trending topic on Twitter yesterday. The reason boils down to the content — or at least speculation of the content — of his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person [Read More...]

A 14-Year-Old Reads the Bible

I was an atheist by the age of 14, but I sure as hell wasn’t this outspoken about it. Here’s what happens when the Bible gets in the hands of an intelligent young woman… *slow clap for saztheatheist* (via Blaghag) [Read more...]