Use Your Gravatar

Hi all. You can now use Gravatars on this site when you make a comment. If that last sentence made no sense, here’s a detailed explanation of what they are and how you can get one. They’re not necessary, but we would be able to catch a glimpse of what you look like! [Read more...]

Militant Atheists Dislike “Spore”

When Will Wright (an atheist himself) created the game Spore, he thought he’d be on the receiving end of wrath from the religious. That makes sense since the game simulates evolution: Spore could well be the most complicated model ever constructed in the name of interactive entertainment: not for nothing was it originally known as [Read More...]

Meet the Secular Student Alliance

Secular Student Alliance board member Ashley Paramore put together a nifty video introducing the SSA board, staff, and even a couple advisory board members. The filming took place in Boston at a recent board meeting. A few of the names may be familiar to readers of this site. And… umm… I deny that any of [Read More...]

Blowing Up a Church

I’ve been to many churches in my day… But never an inflatable one: The 30-metre (98 ft) long blow-up church — staffed by priests ready to take confession — will debut on Saturday on the Adriatic coast in the Molise region, an organiser said. “There will be four or five people singing, with music about [Read More...]

Student Travel Grants to Atheists Alliance International Convention

Atheist Alliance International will be hosting its annual convention on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California from September 25th – 28th. The cost for student registration is $70 — with that, you’ll have access to the entire convention. Speakers include Lori Lipman Brown, PZ Myers, Michael Newdow, Michael Shermer, Jeremy Hall, and Mikey [Read More...]