Rock Beyond Belief Happening on Saturday

Rock Beyond Belief is happening on Saturday, a one-of-a-kind event that honors atheists in the military. You would think this wouldn’t be controversial, but no doubt you’re still going to hear pushback against the very idea that godless people would ever risk their lives for a cause greater than themselves. Anyway, AronRa created this awesome [Read More…]

New Atheist Billboard in California: God Is Imaginary 

The Backyard Skeptics just put up this billboard in Westminster, California: God Is Imaginary –- Choose Reality — It is better for everyone The billboard was paid for by an anonymous donor and American Atheists. (via Skeptic Money) [Read more…]

nakedpastor: Question Hatched

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I Hope I Have Become More Arrogant

Richard Wade here. I just got back from my trip to attend the Reason Rally and the American Atheists National Convention. Someone who knows that I’m an atheist was curious about what the speakers said, and their very first question was, “Were they arrogant?” Arrogant. Of the several tens of thousands of adjectives in the [Read More…]

A Pseudoscience Fair with James Randi

The Auraria Campus Atheists are putting together a Pseudoscience Fair. Instead of displays featuring volcanos and plants, participants will exhibit various forms of flim flam, explain why they are wrong, and show judges how to prevent getting scammed. It’s an excellent way to promote critical thinking. The icing on the cake? The event will be [Read More…]