Student Travel Grants to Atheists Alliance International Convention

Atheist Alliance International will be hosting its annual convention on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California from September 25th – 28th. The cost for student registration is $70 — with that, you’ll have access to the entire convention. Speakers include Lori Lipman Brown, PZ Myers, Michael Newdow, Michael Shermer, Jeremy Hall, and Mikey [Read More...]

Create Your Own Religion Winners

About a month ago, the Washington Post ran a contest asking people to create their own religions. They finally came out with their list of winners and honorable mentions. Frequent commenter on this site Jon (a.k.a. Ubi Dubius) made it on their list! Rhythm Methodists: The world’s fastest-growing religious group. (Jon Graft, Centreville) Congrats to [Read More...]

The Website Has Been Switched

I’m trying something a bit new in terms of how the page looks. It’ll take a little while to get the kinks worked out. Please bear with me! RSS readers should have no problem, though. [Read more...]

A Collection of Useful Resources for Atheist Bloggers

A Division by Zer0 put together a nice, succinct compilation of resources that may help atheist bloggers trying to get their names (or pseudonyms) out there. Many of the items are useful for all bloggers, but a few are specific to atheists. vjack has also been offering a series of comprehensive tips that may help [Read More...]

Undergoing Maintenance

This site’s being worked on right now… so if you experience any difficulties, things will be back to normal shortly! [Read more...]