Remembering Robert Ingersoll

Robert Ingersoll may have been called “The Great Agnostic,” but when you read some of his rhetoric, you realize he would’ve made one hell of a New Atheist. George White has a piece about Ingersoll in the just-now-online-even-though-it’s-from-August issue of Freethought Today. Just check out some of Ingersoll’s statements: “It may be that ministers really [Read More...]

A Nice Story About Colliding Faiths

I’ve heard plenty of talk the past couple weeks about Christians burning Korans and trying to stop a mosque from being built. But finally, there’s a good story about the two faiths colliding. In Memphis, a mosque was built right across from an already established Christian church. But the construction wasn’t quite complete in time [Read More...]

Skepticism vs. Atheism

Yes we are atheists at the JREF, most of us. But as individuals, not as an organization. In this sense, the JREF is no more an atheist organization than the U.S. is a Christian nation merely because the majority of folks in this country are Christian. That’s James Randi Educational Foundation’s president D.J. Grothe, explaining [Read More...]

Can You Help People Going to Haiti?

My friend (and Christian author) Anne Jackson is going to Haiti in November. It’s her second trip there — she was compelled to go back after she saw firsthand the post-earthquake devastation. She’s going with a group called To Write Love on Her Arms. While it may be a group of Christians going on the [Read More...]

Christian School Cancels New Pornographers Concert

The New Pornographers are hands down my favorite band. I’ve seen them live in concert twice and it was an incredible experience both times. I have all their albums, the B-sides, the bootlegs I’m not supposed to have, etc. They play colleges, too, and Calvin College — a Christian school in Grand Rapids, Michigan — [Read More...]