From the list of Top Ten one-liners from the Edinburgh (Scotland) Fringe arts festival this past weekend is this one from comedian Tom Stade: “I like Jesus but he loves me, so it’s awkward.” … This bit from Daniel Miessler is a bit more than a one-liner, but it is a short, quick response to [Read More...]

Reading Playboy for the Articles

If you checked out the latest issue of Playboy (September, 2008), you may have noticed an article featuring Steve Rade and his atheist billboard in Philadelphia! (Or maybe you’re someone who didn’t realize Playboy had articles and you skipped over it entirely.) The article also quotes Fred Edwords of the American Humanist Association (highlighted in [Read More...]

How Large is the Religion Industry in America?

A recent editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette referred to how atheists were not invited to the Interfaith Ceremony that began the Democratic Convention: Democrats will nominate a Christian gentleman who respects others. It’s likely they didn’t invite atheists to their faith service because they didn’t want embarrassing guests. Atheists might bring pseudointellectual proselytizers, who [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #34: Worst Ways to Come Out as an Atheist

Last time, I ran this contest: This weekend is the Atheist Coming Out Party in Columbus, OH. This raises the question: What is the worst way to come out as an atheist? It can be a statement, a dialogue/scene, a sign, etc. The question is open to interpretation! Here are the Top 5 ways (with [Read More...]

Internetically Streaming Version of the Atheist Alliance International Convention

For those of you who are unable to attend the upcoming Atheist Alliance International convention in Long Beach, California, AAI is once again offering Internet streaming of the convention. … After the 2007 convention, people wrote to say how pleased they were to have hosted large house parties, meetings, presentations at theaters and presentations at [Read More...]