It’s National What Day?

How do you reply to the %$&#holes who say this: It’s April 1st. Happy National Atheist’s Day! Get it? Get it…?! *Hemant raises his fist* No, wait. Violence won’t do it. A snarky response might. I just can’t think of one. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

I Don’t See Any State/Church Violation…

But this story is still disturbing. Nearly a third of the inmates in the Creek County Jail were baptized Thursday night in a corrugated steel horse trough set up in the jail’s kitchen. … Seventy men and 12 women were baptized Wednesday, the second time baptisms have occurred in the new jail, which opened nearly [Read More...]

All Dogs Go To Heaven

In Japan, Conan, a male chihuahua, has been imitating Buddhist priest Joei Yoshikuni in the prayer stance. Since Conan started doing this, the number of visitors to the temple has increased 30%. “He may be showing his thanks for treats and walks,” speculated one priest at the Jigenin temple on Okinawa island. Priest Joel Yoshikuni [Read More...]

Statue of Liberty, Jesus, and Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Cumberland County Courthouse in Tennessee has several expressions of free speech on its front lawn. The displays include an Iraq and Afghanistan Soldier’s Memorial, Statue of Liberty, chainsaw-carved monkeys and bears, Jesus carrying a cross, and the most recent display added — a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Yep. An FSM sculpture has been added to [Read More...]

Fiction for Fiction

From the forums. Some of you may recall the “Smut for Smut” campaign a college atheist group ran a while back. If you handed the atheists your Bible (smut), they would give you back pornography (smut) in return. Because, really, it’s the same thing… Lots of publicity. Negative publicity. It’s cute and clever, but it [Read More...]