Now I Have an Urge to Get Paint Thrown At Me…

This has nothing to do with religion. It’s just an amazing video by a wonderful singer — Lisa Hannigan singing “Knots” from her new album Passenger: (via All Songs Considered) [Read more…]

If You Know Anything About the Stars…

Why do the realists among us have to ruin everything…? Check out the punchline at Ape, Not Monkey. [Read more…]

Sam Harris Answers More of Your Questions

Back in June, Sam Harris answered some popular questions from the Reddit crowd. The questions didn’t stop, though, and he’s back for Round 2: Here’s the guide to the good stuff: 1. Eternity and the meaning of life 0:42 2. Do we have free will? 4:43 3. How can we convince religious people to abandon [Read More…]

Dr. Tony Pinn Explains How to Attract African-Americans to Your Atheist Group

At the Secular Student Alliance conference this past summer, Rice University Religious Studies professor Dr. Anthony Pinn spoke about how to attract African-Americans to your atheist group. Of all the topics discussed at the conference, reaching out to minorities was arguably the most important: Any favorite moments? Leave the timestamps in the comments for everyone [Read More…]

The Illinois Family Institute is Angry at Gay Soldiers for Having Secret Relationships Under DADT

It takes a lot to upset me. Really. But reading through the latest press release from the Illinois Family Institute took me to that place. This is a group that claims to “love” homosexuals, but then does everything in its power to prevent them from having equal rights, adopting children, loving whomever they want to, [Read More…]