Who’s the Ex-Mormon of the Year?

PZ‘s not winning this poll, but it’s ok, because all the nominees are worthy! … the Mormon Alumni Association is here to remedy the situation with a brand-new yearly award for the X-Mormon who has made the biggest impact!!! The list of former Mormons (Formons?) includes Mr. Deity, Dustin Lance Black (screenwriter of Milk), and [Read More...]

From Baseball to the Priesthood

Grant Desme was a rising star in the Oakland A’s franchise, possibly starting this season playing AA baseball. (AAA is even better, followed by the major leagues.) He batted .288 with 31 home runs and 89 RBIs in 131 games last year. Then he starred in the Arizona Fall League, where some of the game’s [Read More...]

Polyamory is Wrong

JulietEcho has written a couple widely-read pieces about polyamory. But I have to break it to her: polyamory is wrong: Good to get that off my chest. Laurie Higgins would be proud. (Thanks to Ungullible for the link!) [Read more...]

Metaphorical Truth

by Jesse Galef – If a story didn’t happen, can it still be useful? I first started thinking about this question in college after taking a Hebrew Bible course with professor Bart Ehrman.  Evidence points to most of the Bible being historically inaccurate. As Ehrman presented argument after argument for why the stories in the Bible [Read More...]

How Did the Atheists Fare on a Canadian Game Show?

Remember how the Canadian atheists were going to do battle on a TV show, in an IQ test, against nerds, believers, politicians, twins, and athletes? It aired. Atheists took 3rd. Believers took 4th. And the Nerds won. (Ok, so that wasn’t really a huge surprise…) Lindsay gives us a few of the other highlights: The [Read More...]