If the Anti-Evolution New Hampshire Politicians Were Honest, They’d Just Say This

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They Threw Feces at Eight-year-olds for Not Dressing Modestly Enough

Sometimes religious pluralism is complicated. And sometimes it’s not. On January 1st, 19-year-old female soldier Doron Matalon was asked to sit in the back of a public bus by a Haredi (sometimes known as ultra-Orthodox) man named Shlomo Fuchs (who was later arrested). When she refused, he called her a slut and a shiksa until [Read More…]

What Were You Thinking About Before the Big Kick?

Jordan Williamson, the Stanford kicker, missed two crucial field goals in the Fiesta Bowl — including one that would have won the game in regulation. (Start at the 5:00 mark) You don’t see this in the video, but before the kick that would’ve won the game, Williamson looked to be Tebowing on the sideline: Looks [Read More…]

North Carolina Public School That Offered Bibles to Kids Refuses to Accept Pagan Books

A couple of weeks ago, Ginger Strivelli‘s fifth-grade son came home from his school with a copy of the Bible. It was a shock to her since he attended a public school and she was a Pagan. Katherine wrote: The school denies any wrong-doing, noting the box of Bibles was dropped off by the Gideons, [Read More…]

nakedpastor: The Imbalance

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