A Debate on God’s Existence (Abridged)

If you’d like to read an abridged version of a recent debate on God’s existence between atheist Michael Shermer and Professor John Lennox, here you go: Lennox: [story of personal tragedy and near death experience] Shermer: yes, that’s very moving but still isn’t evidence for god, in fact it’s a problem [problem of evil explained] [Read More...]

Server Specs – We Need Your Help

Hey all, My name is Tim and I am currently the guy supplying our friend Hemant with a server for his website. Problem is, his website is HUGE, and we need to look at upgrading him. He says that some of you are pretty tech savvy (which I don’t doubt, with close to 5,000 daily [Read More...]

The Picture Speaks for Itself

From FAIL Blog: (Thanks to Diane for the link!) [Read more...]

Who Knew Theological Arguments Could Be Hot?

Author Geoff Henley published his book Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Lawyer’s Case for Disbelief in God earlier this summer. It’s self-published — not coming from a major publishing house — and authors who take this route usually have to fend for themselves when it comes to marketing their book. So Henley filmed “sexy girls in [Read More...]

Teaching Evolution in Florida

There’s a great article by Amy Harmon in The New York Times today about trying to teach evolution to students, many of whom have been raised to believe in Creationism. Here’s a typical conversation between teacher David Campbell and Christian student Bryce Haas: The morning after [Campbell's] Mickey Mouse gambit, he bounced a pink rubber [Read More...]