Ray Comfort Tries to Sneak Creationism into On the Origin of Species

I really don’t understand how Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron can claim to be Christians — can we assume they follow the Ten Commandments? — and then proceed to lie with every breath. It’s not just their ignorance about evolution. I think they actually have deluded themselves into think it’s some evil conspiracy. I’m talking [Read More...]

Nontheistic Groups Join Coalition Urging Obama to Disavow Religious Discrimination

A group of organizations that support religious liberty sent a letter (PDF) to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday. The coalition includes the American Humanist Association, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, American Civil Liberties Union, Interfaith Alliance, Center for Inquiry, and the Secular Coalition for America. The issue at hand is an Office [Read More...]

Frank Schaeffer Exposes Fundamentalist Christianity on The Rachel Maddow Show

Last night, my TV was on but I wasn’t really paying attention… all of a sudden, I heard some of the harshest criticism of fundamentalist Christianity I’ve ever heard on network television. I stopped doing my work and started watching. I’m pretty sure my mouth was gaped open the whole time. It was amazing to [Read More...]

South Carolina License Plate Description

South Carolina allows you to choose from many speciality license plates for your vehicle. Each plate has a certain additional fee and the description on the DMV website explains where some of the fee money may be going. For example, here’s part of the description for the plate for Anderson College: Anderson College License Plates [Read More...]

Do I Eat It or Not?

This is the worst dilemma I’ve had since getting a crush on a girl who turned out to be a fundie. Do I eat the baby? Or refrain because it’s made (entirely) out of meat?! (via This Is Why You’re Fat — Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]