Christian School Cancels New Pornographers Concert

The New Pornographers are hands down my favorite band. I’ve seen them live in concert twice and it was an incredible experience both times. I have all their albums, the B-sides, the bootlegs I’m not supposed to have, etc. They play colleges, too, and Calvin College — a Christian school in Grand Rapids, Michigan — [Read More...]

What If They Burned Atheist Books…?

I know the piece is satire, but if Pastor Terry Jones ever decided to burn copies of The God Delusion, I hope this is the way we would respond: A spokesman for the Atheist Brotherhood in Australia was quoted as saying: ”We feel strangely unaffected and will seek revenge by raising our eyebrows and shrugging [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in St. Louis!

Add St. Louis, Missouri to the list of places that are home to an atheist billboard: “We… want people to know there are many humanists, freethinkers, agnostics and atheists living here,” added Kate Lovelady, coordinator of the Greater St. Louis Coalition of Reason. “We’re your coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members. And like many people, [Read More...]

Is Guster a Christian Band?

(Hemant’s note: This is a guest post by JulietEcho. She has been the fantastic admin for the Friendly Atheist forums for over two and a half years!) … Some contemporary Christian artists write songs that are hard to distinguish from secular music. As South Park parodied so well, many secular songs can be interpreted (or [Read More...]

The Canceled-Koran-Burning Aftermath

In the wake of the Koran-Burnings-That-Didn’t-Happen, I have a question and a comment. When is it ok to burn a book? I used to be against book-burning in general because I saw all books as valuable in some respect… for some reason, that seems silly to me now. I don’t care if you burn your [Read More...]