Update on Shalini Sehkar

A lot of people who read atheist blogs are familiar with Shalini Sehkar‘s Scientia Natura blog (which then became her personal site). Neither are in commission anymore. She’s going through some things I don’t feel any need to elaborate on, but it has required her to shut down her websites. I don’t agree with her [Read More...]

I Really Could Use Your Vote Here…

Ok, so the Sexiest Atheist Blogger voting was just for fun. Even though I’m currently losing the vote to PZ by only a handful of votes. (I demand a recount.) But I could actually use your help for something more serious. And possibly more entertaining. Outreach Magazine is a Christian publication. They published a really [Read More...]

The Real Meaning of Secularism

The word “secular” has become synonymous with “atheist” in recent years. There is a difference, though. In a recent Newsweek column, Lisa Miller writes this: Like the words “feminist” and “liberal,” “secular” and its derivatives have come to mean extreme versions of themselves. They are code in conservative Christian circles for “atheist” or even “God [Read More...]

God Wants You to Get It On

Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida wants you to have great sex. Unless you’re single. Then you’re living in sin. Stop that. What does the church want you to do? People are not having enough sex. An epidemic of breakups prove the needs that lead to a great sex life are being overlooked. Dirty dishes, frumpy [Read More...]

So You Want To Be A Model

Here’s your chance. The application for the 2008-2009 Skepchick/Skepdude Calendars is up! Deadline to apply is March 14th. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a *total* nudie calendar… We’re not after overt nudity, but rather titillatingly and tastefully used. We are after the skeptical/science/nerd/geek angle, and those photos that use both will have an advantage. [Read More...]