Catholic Adoption Agencies Whine Because Illinois Isn’t Giving Them Tax Money to Discriminate

When it comes to church/state separation, the #1 rule is (usually) pretty simple: If you’re getting taxpayer money, you can’t discriminate against a group for their race/gender/orientation/etc. for any reason. If you’re paying for everything on your own, go do what you want. That’s overly simplified, I know, but it’s the gist of the law. [Read More…]

A New Year’s Resolution That Will Benefit Others

My friend Danielle and a couple of her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania are working on a neat project called Resolution12. The idea is simple: Instead (or in addition to) making a resolution for yourself — lose weight, get healthier, etc. — make a resolution that’s more outwardly focused and that’s going to help [Read More…]

Future Book Alert: Candidate Without a Prayer

Two decades ago, Herb Silverman ran for Governor of South Carolina in order to challenge the state law which said atheists could not hold public office. He may have lost the race but succeeded in raising people’s consciousness about that issue. (Technically, the law is still in the books, but it can’t be enforced.) Today, [Read More…]

Christian Proselytizing in Public Schools Is Becoming An Epidemic

The New York Times has an article in today’s paper about the recent proliferation of incidents in which public school teachers/administrators are proselytizing to students — or letting others do it on their behalf. It’s not enough that they can teacher children about Christianity. They want to convert the kids, often against the wishes of [Read More…]

Forget Tebowing; Try Thinkering

Dave Silverman models the pose: What’s the difference between Tebowing and Thinkering? Dave responds: The difference is we don’t bow our heads in blind submission, rather we consider and conclude for ourselves. I’m sure a website dedicated to Thinkering will be created in 5… 4… 3… [Read more…]