Is the Catholic Church Really a ‘Lighthouse’?

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Church Leader Calls Me ‘Anti-Catholic’ Because I Told the Truth About His Faith

It’s not everyday the Archdiocese of Washington responds to something I wrote… but Monsignor Charles Pope isn’t happy with a post I made about how the Catholic Church is Now Pissing Off the People Who Actually Like Them. Here’s the gist of my very brief piece: A Catholic Diocese mandated that Sunday School teachers sign [Read More…]

Well, If You’re Going to Whip It…

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If the Boy Scouts Want to Discriminate, the U.S. Military Shouldn’t Support Them

This is a follow-up to Hemant’s recent post about the re-affirmation of Boy Scout discrimination. This issue is well-known, with a 1995 article from The Humanist surveying federal funding of the Boy Scouts, activities by reform group Scouting For All, and Margaret Downey‘s lawsuit against the Boy Scouts. The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (which I lead) has [Read More…]

Foundation Beyond Belief Seeks Fall Interns

The Foundation Beyond Belief is looking for a few interns for the fall: Interns assist the Foundation with membership development, researching and selecting featured charities, donor management, outreach, communications (including blog and social media), program design, and creative organizational development. It’s a great organization and you may even be able to earn college credit (if [Read More…]