Sick and Twisted Belief: A Letter from Hell

This post is by Jesse Galef – I just started my day with a dose of outrage. The notion of hell exists in many religions and denominations. If a person believed it to be torture and that his friends or family members would suffer eternally unless they converted, it makes sense for them to evangelize. [Read More...]

Ask Richard: An Annoying Religious Sign on My Commute to Work

Hi Richard, This is something that i’ve been wracking my brain about lately. I live in Lynchburg, Virginia (yes, THAT Lynchburg) and there’s this one house on this one street that happens to be on my route to work. This guy has his own personal little church sign board you can put lettering on, and [Read More...]

What Really Happened at That Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Meeting…?

I posted the other day about friction that evolved into chaos between Sunsara Taylor and the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago. In short, as I reported it, Sunsara was invited to speak to the group on the topic of “Morality Without Gods,” then later uninvited when her other political/social views became known (and it was [Read More...]

Voicemail Responses to Nashville Atheist Billboard

Earlier this week, a billboard went up in Nashville for a group called Secular Life. An offensive, hateful, evil billboard. One so awful, a number of people denounced it! Which makes sense, I guess… just look at all the blasphemy: You can imagine what happens when you put a phone number on an atheist billboard. [Read More...]

Learn to be Lucky: What Luck Really is

This post is by Jesse Galef – Even for those who don’t believe in luck, we know that some people feel luckier than others. Some people stumble across good jobs, good dates, and good opportunities for no discernible reason.  What can you do to become luckier?  According to this 2003 article I just came across, [Read More...]