BREAKING: Kyrsten Sinema Is Not an Atheist

Back in the summer, I put up a post about how Kyrsten Sinema was poised to win her Democratic primary in the race for Congress. At the time, I described her as a bisexual nontheist because, well, that’s what I had heard. [Read more…]

Humanist Community at Stanford Launches

As of today, the Humanist Community at Stanford is up and running with Chaplain John Figdor at its helm:

[Read more…]

Political Rainbows

(via Mike Luckovich of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) [Read more…]

The American Family Association’s New Short Film Will Have You Regretting Your Abortion in No Time

The American Family Association just released a short film called “Aaron.”

If you watch the first three minutes of it, you see it’s about a birthday boy and a kidnapping. It’s disturbing and sad and emotional…

If you watch the last two minutes of it, you’ll realize the bait-and-switch pulled by the AFA. It’s seriously sick how the Christian group tries to manipulate your fragile emotions to suit their purposes: [Read more…]

Pat Robertson Talks About Fifty Shades of Grey

In the latest clip from The 700 Club, even Pat Robertson‘s co-host Kristi Watts gets creeped out by him in the first few seconds: [Read more…]