An Atheist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and a Christian Walk Into a Bar…

There’s a group called Elements[Chicago] that’s putting together a really interesting event in the city in a couple of weeks. They’re bringing together four different people to answer the questions “What do I believe?” and “Why should I believe it?” As it happens, they were kind enough to invite me to represent the atheist viewpoint. [Read More…]

Why Women Vote for Rick Santorum

As I was reading Hemant’s post linking to Rachel Held Evans’ blog, I couldn’t help but feel struck by the similarities in my own experience of backing slowly away from organized religion over the past few years. I, too, felt keenly aware of the exclusivity of the club and the fickle nature of its champions; [Read More…]

Bullying Children Because of Religious Faith

Sean Faircloth asks a simple question: “Can religion justify bullying children?” His answer is yes, and he explains why in this talk. It’s infuriating what religious people get away with because of their faith, isn’t it? Sean’s book is called Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All — and What We [Read More…]

nakedpastor: Don’t You Dare Ask Any Questions

[Read more…]

Describe an Atheist in 1 or 2 Words

Earlier this week, this clue appeared in the LA Times‘ crossword puzzle: Well, it is A Week, after all… but is “nonbeliever” really the best clue the writers could think of? Your job: Find a 1 or 2-word clue that would lead to the word “atheist”! (Thanks to Ken for the link!) [Read more…]