Atheist Student Asks Joe Biden About Tax Exemptions for Religious Clergy

Remember when President Obama gave an awful response when he was asked a question about taxpayer-funded faith-based religious discrimination? Now, Vice President Joe Biden is joining the Crappy Answer Club. He did a Q&A at the University of Pittsburgh yesterday and Cate Laskovics, president of the Secular Alliance group on campus, was there to ask [Read More…]

You Can’t Take the Job Because of *That*?

Peter, the Preacher’s Kid, is back and he’s talking about his parents’ divorce. Which reminds him of his parents’ marriage. Which reminds him of that one time his dad was trying to make ends meet… Flashback to fall ’94. My parents were young, realigning themselves as professionals after returning from years of missionary work in [Read More…]

Religious Schools May Stop Atheist Groups, but They Can’t Stop Atheist Students

Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service shines an important spotlight on religiously-affiliated colleges who refuse to give recognition to campus atheist groups. Take, for example, the University of Dayton (in Ohio), a private Roman Catholic school: Late one night over pizza, University of Dayton students Branden King and Nick Haynes discovered neither of them [Read More…]

Michigan Senate Says It’s OK To Bully If It’s In the Name of Jesus

Democrats in Michigan wanted to pass anti-bullying legislation but Republicans — much like they do in Congress — acted as obstructionists. Instead of stopping the bill outright, though, they made the bill completely useless: This year, Republicans only agreed to consider an anti-bullying measure that did not require school districts to report bullying incidents, did [Read More…]

The Mistakes We Make During Arguments

Whether you’re arguing with theists (or even other atheists), you’re going to see the same kind of logical fallacies used time and time again. Cracked has a list of five of them that people all too often: #5. We’re Not Programmed to Seek “Truth,” We’re Programmed to “Win” #4. Our Brains Don’t Understand Probability #3. [Read More…]