Voicemail Responses to Nashville Atheist Billboard

Earlier this week, a billboard went up in Nashville for a group called Secular Life. An offensive, hateful, evil billboard. One so awful, a number of people denounced it! Which makes sense, I guess… just look at all the blasphemy: You can imagine what happens when you put a phone number on an atheist billboard. [Read More...]

Learn to be Lucky: What Luck Really is

This post is by Jesse Galef – Even for those who don’t believe in luck, we know that some people feel luckier than others. Some people stumble across good jobs, good dates, and good opportunities for no discernible reason.  What can you do to become luckier?  According to this 2003 article I just came across, [Read More...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Message

This post is by Jesse Galef – We humans are so intent on finding meaning in things that we have a tendency to find it even where none was intended.  It’s what we call a false positive and it happens all the time.  We often hear about people seeing the Jesus or the virgin Mary [Read More...]

The Secular Student Alliance Draws Closer to the $50,000 Match

You’ll all be happy to know that this conversation took place in my classroom yesterday: Me: …and that’s how you do a Geometry proof. Any questions? [Male student raises hand] Me: Yes…? Student How does a tampon work? I can’t figure it out! Me: FML… Good times. On top of that, I was at school [Read More...]

The Second Annual Texas Freethought Convention

For the second year in a row, atheists in Texas are organizing a Texas Freethought Convention. This year, it’ll take place on November 14th in San Antonio. Speakers include Victor Stenger and Dan Barker. Also noteworthy: the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center will be on hand conducting a blood drive. Next year, I say [Read More...]