How Are Atheists Reacting to SCOTUS Nominee Sonia Sotomayor?

President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor hasn’t issued many rulings on church/state separation cases. Not major ones, anyway. Howard Friedman has a roundup of her opinions on religion-related cases at Religion Clause. This puts atheist and secular church/state watchdog groups in a tough position: Should they support her or issue no statement at all? [Read More...]

Which Questions Stump Atheists?

A simple question for you all: When you’re discussing faith with religious people, which of their questions do you always have a hard time answering? [Read more...]

Comedian Jim Jeffries Jokes About Religion in His HBO Special

In case you hadn’t seen this yet, HBO recently aired a stand-up comedy special called I Swear to God featuring Australian comedian Jim Jeffries. There are a lot of bits about religion and Jeffries’ own atheism. He’s not exactly “friendly” about it all. And some of his material is NSFW. But he does make a [Read More...]

Server Switch

The site switched servers today. We should be back up and running at full speed by tomorrow. The forums are currently down, but they should be back up by tomorrow night as well. Thanks for your patience. [Read more...]

Jelly Babies

If only I had known babies now come in jelly/gummi form… Ironically, as a vegetarian, I would probably choose not to eat these. Because of the gelatin. The baby-ness is perfectly ok. (Thanks to Mikel for the link!) [Read more...]