Hot Atheist Buns

Deborah made some hot atheist buns for the holiday weekend. Instead of piping macabre crosses on each one, I made atheist “A”s, ‘though not in scarlet. I didn’t think the food colouring would survive the baking process. The sharp-eyed reader will notice that the buns are in a checker pattern, half with currants and sultanas [Read More...]

A Couple More Comments on the Expelled Movie

After PZ Myers‘ Expelled experience, even The New York Times is getting in on the action. And the film’s producer, Mark Mathis, comes off looking ignorant as usual. When asked why PZ was kicked out of the screening, but Richard Dawkins was not, Mathis said this: Mark Mathis, a producer of the film who attended [Read More...]

Humanist Ethics and Eliot Spitzer

Quick question: What did former NY governor Eliot Spitzer do that was so wrong? An article by Ruth N. Geller in Humanist Network News tackles the “Client 9″ scandal with a focus on Humanist ethics. One person cited in the story is Lewis Vaughn, author of the Institute for Humanist Studies’ Continuum of Humanist Education [Read More...]

The Reason Your Prayers Don’t Work

Well, at least 32% of them: Report: 32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites HOUSTON—According to an official NASA report released Saturday, nearly 32 percent of all prayers exiting Earth are deflected off satellites orbiting the planet—ultimately preventing the discharged requests for divine intervention from ever making it to the Gates of Heaven. “After impact [Read More...]

My New Mission: To Be More Popular Than Ken Ham

Tell me this picture isn’t the most disturbing thing you’ve seen all day: That’s Creation Museum founder and Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham and six of his young fans wearing “I ♥ Ham” shirts. He must be stopped. I mean, we all know children should only be allowed to wear clothing with my likeness [Read More...]