More Juicy Ted Haggard News

Not news: Ted Haggard is still making $138,000 this year courtesy of his settlement with New Life Church. The house he still owns in Colorado Springs is estimated to be worth $715,051. News: He wants more. Ted Haggard his moved with his family to Phoenix, Arizona since the sex scandal. According to a letter he [Read More...]

Article on Ellery Schempp

The Washington Post ran a terrific profile of atheist activist Ellery Schempp the other day. If the name isn’t familiar, his Supreme Court case certainly is: His protest began a half-century ago, when Ellery Schempp opened the Quran during his high school’s mandatory Bible reading time and silently scanned passages he was too nervous to [Read More...]

Help the Australian Atheists!

Richard at 20 Gram Soul points out how you can help the Secular Party of Australia during their upcoming elections. If you’re Australian or you know someone who is, keep reading. As long as a certain quota of members is met, the group’s name can be used when its members run for office (instead of [Read More...]

One More Larry King Picture

Teresa sent in this amusing picture of the Larry King Live poll and it had to be posted for the obvious reason [tags]atheist, atheism, Larry King Live, poll[/tags] [Read more...]

Atheist Majority

I’m having issues with the Internets. I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime… ponder this one: Atheists are a minority of the population. The best-selling atheist authors would love to see that change, as would most atheist organizations around the country. I’m sure many like-minded bloggers would want to see that as well. How would [Read More...]