A Texas County Will Etch a Christian Cross Into Its Seal

There doesn’t appear to be a high-res version of the Travis County, Texas seal anywhere online. Just small images like this one: I’ve been staring at that picture and others like it for about 20 minutes now… because, supposedly, there’s a cross in the sky. I don’t see it in any of the images online. [Read More…]

Kentucky Court Rules That Security is Unattainable Without Reliance on ‘Almighty God’

In 2006, the Kentucky legislature introduced a law that would force the state’s Department of Homeland Security to declare in its training materials that security is unattainable without reliance on “Almighty God.” American Atheists sued, saying this went against the state and federal Constitutions. A judge agreed with them… but an Appeals Court reversed the [Read More…]

Candy for Atheists

When your atheist group is tabling on campus, grab a bunch of Heath bars and fix them like Michaelyn did: (via WWJTD) [Read more…]

Sharks and Guardian Angels

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]

The Three Kinds of Creationists

Libby Anne has an interesting take on what she considers to be the three kinds of Creationists: 1. The Ignorant: This group consists of those who are creationists because they don’t understand evolution and haven’t seen the huge accumulation of evidence in favor of evolution and the massive amounts of evidence against young earth creationism. [Read More…]