OKCupid: Mentioning Atheism Leads to Higher Response Rates

Dating website OKCupid ran an analysis of emails sent by people making first-contact with someone else. They wanted to know which words/phrases were more or less likely to generate a response from the other person. (They compared all results to the overall average response rate of 32%.) We analyzed over 500,000 first contacts on our [Read More...]

Homosexuals Are Pred-a-TORs

Jesusophile is back and he’s talking about homosexuality: That ending is a bit awkward, but the beginning is shockingly hilarious (only because you know it’s fiction). Poe strikes again. [Read more...]

Faith in a Box

Qualiasoup provides you with a basic philosophical explanation of why the theist position makes little sense. The video’s a bit long for my taste, but the first couple minutes are excellent, and the accent gets you through the rest of the way (Thanks to Claudia for the link!) [Read more...]

Creation Movie Paranoia Mocked on Rachel Maddow Show

Kent Jones explained the “controversy” over the new movie Creation on The Rachel Maddow Show last night: It’s always nice to see the horror of rational thought coming to light on national television (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Who Would Get the Honor in a New Year Zero?

Interesting question from reader 1minion: Given that the current calendar we’re using was constructed thanks to a committee retroactively selecting Christ’s birth year as Year Zero (or One?), if atheists were to get together to select a new Year Zero to reflect our credo, whose birth should get the honors? Not that this should sway [Read More...]