The Separation on State Street

There’s a soon-to-be-released documentary called “The Separation on State Street.” I haven’t seen it, but the synopsis looks right up this blog’s alley: Anonka, the creator of a museum dedicated to the witch trials, awakened a wasp nest in her conservative, Christian town when she decided to ask the county commission a very simple question: [Read More...]

Washington Post: Nonbelievers Find Strength in Numbers

Did we all rebrand ourselves as “nonbelievers” all of a sudden? Yesterday, The Washington Post ran an article on the rise of atheism. What do we learn? There’s a 500-person waiting list for the Atheist Alliance International convention in two weeks: “People who were ashamed to say there is no God now say, ‘Wow, there [Read More...]

The Nonbelievers in Boston Globe Magazine

In today’s Boston Globe Magazine, you can read David Abel‘s cover story on “The Nonbelievers” (you may have to register with the newspaper to read it). I had a bad feeling about it when I saw the cover… it misrepresents atheists right off the bat with the headline “There is no God” (a phrase atheists [Read More...]

Alan Keyes for President!

Alan Keyes is the latest Republican to jump into the presidential race. The Republicans won’t support him but you can expect them to gloat that they, too, have a minority candidate in the party. You should support him. He makes the right wing look even crazier than usual and any Democrat who faces him will [Read More...]

“Suck It, Jesus” Censored

I’m watching the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Kathy Griffin just received her award. Here is the full speech that was aired: Can you believe this [*bleep*]? I guess hell froze over. You know, a lot of people come up here and they thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one [Read More...]