Hey, Mark Driscoll, Say it To His Face!

My one-time “soul” buyer Jim Henderson is buddies with William P. Young, the author of the Christian best-seller The Shack. I don’t really know why that book sold as many copies as it did. I read it. It was a decent story, but not much more than that. I suppose it’s controversial in some Christian [Read More...]

Why Aren’t You More Outspoken?

Forgive the rant. I’m writing this late at night and I’m full of things to say. … I went out to dinner with a good friend last night — she happens to be religious, though not in any overt way — and at one point the conversation shifted to things I was doing concerning atheism. [Read More...]

I Approve of Neverending Pareidolia

Well played, Zach Weiner: And that’s only the beginning. If we begin packing the envelopes now, the Tea Party will be out of commission come November… (via SMBC) [Read more...]

The Power (Lines) of Christ

How desperate do you have to be to think that a telephone pole covered in vines is really a sign from Jesus? Contrary to the man’s assertions, driving more slowly past the pole doesn’t make me any more gullible. And why the hell is MSNBC wasting time on this guy? (via Atheist Media Blog — [Read More...]

Fall Speaking Tour

I’m doing a little bit of traveling over the next few weekends (and a little beyond), so if you’re in these areas, here’s the basic information on my upcoming talks. Hope to see you there University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL When: Saturday, September 11th at 6:00 p.m. Where: USA Humanities Building — Auditorium [Read More...]