Option for U.S. Troops: Go to Christian Concert or Be Punished

If you want any proof that non-Christians are discriminated against in the military, Chris Rodda has an incredible story to share. First, some background: For the past several years, two U.S. Army posts in Virginia, Fort Eustis and Fort Lee, have been putting on a series of what are called Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concerts… [Read More...]

Being Edgy Yet Friendly

At the Secular Student Alliance convention last month, Jen McCreight spoke about how atheists like to be edgy — and that can be a good thing — but it’s important not to go overboard when you’re holding events. There’s a ton of great advice for anyone who’s part of a local or campus atheist group. [Read More...]

Catholic Adoption Group Loses Fight Against Gay Couples

A Roman Catholic adoption agency in the U.K. refused to send children to the homes of gay couples. But anti-discrimination laws have prevailed. I had a *huge* smile on my face as I read this article: Catholic Care wants exemption from new anti-discrimination laws so it can comply with Church teaching ruling out homosexual couples [Read More...]

Appeals Court Rules that Crosses Are Christian Symbols

Years ago, there was a big problem with Utah Highway Patrol officers placing crosses to honor their colleagues who were killed on the job. Memorials are all well and good, but the endorsement of Christianity is not. Crosses are one thing if placed there by a family but another thing when placed there by government [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Orthodox Jewish Parents Block Young Agnostic from Attending University of Edinburgh

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I’m an agnostic teenager (16 yrs old) and High School Junior. My parents are devout Orthodox Jews, and I have been trying to tell them for over a year now that I have no interest in Orthodox Judaism. In response, they have just [Read More...]