Let’s Drop The Euphemistic Phrase “Faith-Based” Already

Hey everyone, Ron Gold here: When I hear President Obama talk about his plans to beef up the office of faith-based initiatives, it irritates me twofold. First of all, as an atheist, it’s only natural that religious groups receiving federal funding would bother me. But additionally, the very words “faith-based” get to me, as they [Read More...]

Want to Know What All the Cool Kids Wear in School?

Not this: Or any of the other shirts on this site. And why doesn’t this girl just get one shirt that tells us she’s an ex-hypocritical-masturbator? The Skepchick versions are much better: This is why it’s hard to take these Christians seriously. They are proud to rid themselves of something that was never bad in [Read More...]

The Most Offensive Atheist Bus Ad Yet

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Pattison Maritimes (the group responsible for transit advertising) has a problem with the bus ad Humanist Canada wanted to purchase. The general manager sent this message to the group: … We are not able to accept your message as it currently reads. If you would like to submit an alternative message, [Read More...]

Quote of the Day

Courtesy of Harvard professor Niall Ferguson in Vanity Fair: The motto “In God we trust” was added to the dollar bill in 1957. Since then its purchasing power, relative to the consumer price index, has declined by a staggering 87 percent. That’ll make you laugh for a few seconds before you curl back up into [Read More...]

Alcoholics Anonymous Not As Helpful as Secular Alternatives

I’ve written about the topic before: Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs which require participants to submit to a higher power (PDF). You would think that, because AA is so famously known and its program so widely used, it would at least be effective… right? New research says otherwise. So what works better than AA’s [Read More...]