Atheist Naming Ceremony on PBS Tonight

Tonight episode of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly on PBS will feature a segment on “Atheist Baby Naming.” Margaret Downey, president of Atheist Alliance International, will talk about how atheists celebrate the birth of a child. I didn’t know it took a full segment to explain the proper placement of newborns in a microwave, but that’s [Read More...]

Webster Cook Avoids Expulsion

Webster Cook, the University of Central Florida student who didn’t eat a communion wafer and seemingly opened the gates of hell in the process, was facing threats of expulsion from his school as a result. Webster’s friend Ben was also facing that penalty. Thankfully, the school found some sense: On Tuesday, a panel of four [Read More...]

We’re Winning!

Looks like we’re winning the poll! Now if only surveys like this actually mattered, we’d be getting somewhere. [Read more...]

In Case You Need Some Clothing…

The Affable Atheist store is always good for some entertaining atheist swag — at least atheist girls think so: If you’re Christian, don’t feel left out. This one by David Hayward has a bit of self-deprecating humor: What atheist gear are you wearing this year? [Read more...]

Why Do Christians Segregate?

From a reader (emphasis is mine): I have a serious question, even though it’s from an atheist to a believer: why do Christian groups segregate by race? I have friends who respectively go to multiple Asian Bible studies — that is, it seems to be a completely regular Bible study, but all the participants are [Read More...]