Voting for Atheists and Teaching Creationism

In the latest issue of The Economist, there is an article called “Who will take on Hillary?” The article includes this graph which highlights differences between Republicans and Democrats on several moral/social issues: Here’s the part that seemed most interesting to me: No, it’s nothing you didn’t already know. But it’s still shocking to see [Read More...]

Jesus Versus Dinosaur

I don’t really get it… but it features Jesus and a dinosaur. So it must be good: The comic is by Jeffrey Rowland at (Thanks to Tom for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Jesus, Christian, faith, religion[/tags] [Read more...]

Christian Charity Helps Needy Africans…

…but just the non-gay ones. Via Onion Network News [tags]atheist, atheism, homosexuality[/tags] [Read more...]

News Roundup

A collection of brief stories: A Christian wrote a letter in support of Dawn Sherman‘s lawsuit against Illinois’ mandatory moment of silence law: … As a Christian whose children attend public schools, I was outraged to learn of the mandatory “prayer/reflection” requirement set forth by the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act. This is another [Read More...]

What Do You Wish Your Parents Would Say To You?

From a reader: I am an atheist son of LDS parents, and while they don’t know about my atheism, they do sense that I have had “issues” with the Church. Often, they will try to get me to open up by saying that they won’t be mad, or things like that. But there’s one thing [Read More...]