Religious Groups Receiving Federal Funds Want to Discriminate

More than 100 religious groups are whining because new legislation may “prohibit them from receiving federal money if they consider a job applicant’s religion when hiring.” Cry me a fucking river. “Those four lines in the legislation would be a seismic change in bedrock civil rights law for religious organizations,” said Steven McFarland, chief legal [Read More...]

Why Do Presidents Need Religion?

Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a fantastic article about why our country’s presidents don’t need faith to do their job: Two centuries of American democracy has come to this — a de facto religious test for the highest office in the land. That’s why many people, believers and nonbelievers alike, pray for a [Read More...]

The Love of Christ at the Home of a Gay Couple

What kind of Christians would stand in front of a gay couple’s house in order to convert or condemn them? The ones in this video: They’re well-dressed and not holding up evil Fred Phelps-like signs… but they’re destructive nonetheless, having harassed this gay couple for seven years. Where are all the other Christians? Why are [Read More...]

These Republicans Can’t Admit Obama is a Christian

Nearly a third of Republicans wrongly believe President Obama is a Muslim, according to a Pew Research Institute poll. It’s even higher in other surveys. But it’s one thing for random, delusional people to think that. It’s another thing when people running for office either believe it or perpetuate the myth to help rile up [Read More...]

He Wasn’t Arresting for Crapping on the Queen’s Pillow

I liked Charlie Brooker‘s take on the “Ground Zero Mosque” that really isn’t either of those things: To get to the Cordoba Centre from Ground Zero, you’d have to walk in the opposite direction for two blocks, before turning a corner and walking a bit more. The journey should take roughly two minutes, or possibly [Read More...]