Despite What FOX News Tells You, Michael Salman Is Not Going to Jail for Hosting a Bible Study

This story sure makes it sound like a Christian is getting wrongly persecuted just for holding a Bible study in his home…: Wait… that’s FOX News… we should all double check this. *Hemant turns on the Google* Well, that was easy: The problem is that the Salmans told the city they planned to use the [Read More…]

If Atheists Had Church Signs…

(via ThreeDigitIQ) [Read more…]

A Biblical Look at Abortion

Betty Bowers teaches us all about the relationship between God and abortions. Turns out, if you read the Bible, it’s not a big deal at all! [Read more…]

Who’s Your Savior Now?

Seen outside the Taste of Chicago today (click to enlarge): (Thanks to Maggie for the picture!) [Read more…]

The Evergrowing List of Annoying Christian Clichés

Christian Piatt has a terrific list (and follow-up) of clichés Christians need to stop using: “If you died today, do you know where you’d spend the rest of eternity?” No, I don’t, and neither do you. So stop asking such a presumptuous question as this that implies you have some insider knowledge that the rest [Read More…]