I’m a Woman, Not a Sin

Christianity has had a bit of a sexism problem since it began; with all of the apologetics surrounding the issue, I believe that the problem starts with the opening narrative of man being created in God’s image and the woman a lesser copy, made in the image of man. Even in the most favorable of [Read More…]

Pascal’s Roulette

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The Reason Rally is Coming…

TheThinkingAtheist just put together this awesome promotional video for the Reason Rally! Are you getting excited? (I’ll take your silence as a resounding “Yes!”) [Read more…]

New SSA Affiliate Forms at Emerson College

There is a new Secular Student Alliance affiliate at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts! It was started by freshman Ian Stewart after a winter break spent engrossed in The God Delusion. He and two other freshmen started the group because “[they] felt inspired to counter campus faith-based groups by uniting [their] fellow non-believers.” Look at those [Read More…]

Family Guy Discusses ‘Faith Healing’

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but last week’s episode of Family Guy (now available on Hulu) had an interesting premise: When Stewie makes a new friend Scotty Jennings the Griffins invite him over for a play date. But when he collapses, they rush him to the hospital where they discover he has cancer. When [Read More…]