Michael Jackson in a Tree Stump

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh… In Stockton, California, Michael Jackson has supposedly appeared in a tree stump. Worst. Pareidolia. Ever. I don’t see Jackson. I don’t see Jesus. I don’t see anyone. Embedded video from CNN Video The money quotation, when asked why Jackson would appear in Stockton of all places: Lady: [Read More...]

How Well Do Public Evangelicals Represent Their Faith?

What do evangelical Christian public figures have to offer the world that is unique to them? Is it modesty? No. Carrie Prejean (the former Ms. California) posed nude years ago. Is it family values? A look at Mark Sanford and Jon & Kate Gosselin suggests otherwise. Divorce occurs more often in “born-again” Christian families than [Read More...]

Your First Crisis as an Atheist

Mary Bellamy is the Counsel and Director of Special Programs for the Secular Coalition for America. She’s undergoing some surgery today and shared a few of her thoughts with me. With her permission, I’m posting them here in the hopes they might help others going through something similar: As a fairly recently minted humanist, I [Read More...]

What Should This Atheist Couple Do?

We have a relationship that could use some help. It comes from “Bob.” The setup: His girlfriend’s dad is subborn, conservative-but-science-inclined, and a partial geek. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but appreciates church for the community it provides and for “maintaining harmony in the household.” His girlfriend’s mom is a very devout Christian — [Read More...]

The Christian Version of Sarah Palin’s Book

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin signed a book deal a while before this weekend’s debacle. No word on the amount she is getting paid for it (rumors place her advance at ~$7,000,000), but what we do know is that there will be two versions — the “regular” version and the “Christian” version: Soon Palin will [Read More...]