Conversations with the Students

Another classic set of conversations with my students: … From a class of seniors: [Bell rings. Kids are running out of the classroom.] Student 1 (Running out the door): Have a good day, sir! Me: What was that? Sir?! I’m not that old! Student 2 (Running out the door): You’re getting there… … From a [Read More...]

Bible Class

Regarding the approval of Bible classes in Texas: Discuss! (Cartoon by Ben Sargent) [Read more...]

The Florida License Plates

Regarding the Christian-themed Florida license plates: Discuss! (Cartoon by Wayne Stayskal) [Read more...]

When Prayer Doesn’t Work

This amusing question was posed on Reddit: Why is it that when christians come to me with a computer problem, and I tell them to try prayer to fix it, that they won’t even consider that as a plausible option. Many of the responses are quite entertaining [Read more...]

Do You Accept Prayer from Others?

An anecdote and question from reader Steven: Yesterday my daughter fell down some stairs and sustained a mild concussion (she’s OK, according to the doctor at the hospital where she received the best of care.) My co-workers were completely supportive when I had to leave to deal with this accident but my team lead who [Read More...]