Christian Non-Profit Leader Confesses to Being Homophobic

A few weeks ago, I posted an interview with Brad White, the founder of the Texas-based non-profit group “Changing the Face of Christianity.” Brad said a lot of cringe-inducing things about gay marriage and you all let him have it. I did, too. He was pretty upset with the response because he really did believe [Read More...]

I Should Start a Clothing Line

I gave a talk at Purdue University last weekend and there was a nice story about it in the Exponent. Thought the first line got all of my attention…: Fashioning a polo shirt that complemented his witty humor, an atheist high school math teacher recounted how he won his tussle with an influential right-wing group. [Read More...]

Atheist Prime Minister Blamed for Australian Cyclone

While the midwest is experiencing a massive snowstorm (or, as it’s known in Chicago, Snowprah Windfrey), the northeast coast of Australia was hit by a cyclone. With winds howling at up to 185 miles per hour, a huge cyclone made landfall in the predawn hours on Thursday along the coast of the already storm-battered state [Read More...]

Vote for Me in the 2011 Bloggies?

I’ll admit I don’t really know what the Bloggies are, but I’m nominated for “Best Weblog About Religion.” Fun! Remember: If you go vote for me, Jesus will love you more. Come to think of it, I don’t mind getting 4th out of the 5 nominees, as long as I beat Jen. That’s really all [Read More...]

When Bible-Reading Includes Everything…

A note to Bible tutors: Remember to include all the stories in the Bible, not just the cherry-picked ones. The kids will undoubtedly thank you for it: (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]