Atheists in Foxholes and the New Administration

If you’re in Washington, D.C., you may want to consider attending this press conference: Representatives from the Secular Coalition for America and the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers will be hosting a press conference to describe “the conditions and present new policy recommendations for the next administration…” The event takes place Monday, November 10th [Read More...]

Christians for Obama

Many Christians are voting for Barack Obama today — especially younger ones. Here’s just a (very) short sampling of what some are saying. … Don Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz: A few days ago I did an interview with a writer for The Today Show, and after the interview she asked how it was [Read More...]

Vote for Change

Jessica Hagy says it well (as usual): (via Indexed) [Read more...]

I Have A Golden Ticket for Tonight…

Well, no, that’s a lie. But I know someone who does. We’re buddies and I’m her +1. So tonight, I’ll be at the Barack Obama rally in downtown Chicago. (Somehow, I also plan to be at work Wednesday morning…) The blog’s on autopost until tomorrow night… hopefully, I’ll be able to get some interesting pictures [Read More...]

The Elizabeth Dole Robocall Against Kay Hagan

Pam’s House Blend has audio of Elizabeth Dole‘s swan song in her (hopefully losing) Senate seat battle against Democrat Kay Hagan. It’s a robocall that went out to North Carolinian voters: The message: “There are a couple of things you should consider when you go vote. For over ten years, Kay Hagan belonged to an [Read More...]