Atheists in South Carolina

Weekly Surge magazine has a positive article on atheists in South Carolina. There are a lot of quotations from notable atheists and a summation of what it’s like to be non-religious in the state. The first part of the article talks about Eric Heyd, the atheist who (stupidly) wrote “Fuck the skull of Jesus” on [Read More...]

Scary Christians from Ocala, Florida

Two crazy letters-to-the-editor from one paper! …There is no excuse for anyone to not know of the coming calamities. Violence, lawlessness, drought, famine and earthquakes in many places. God’s Word has warned everyone, but as in the days of Noah, many will ignore and suffer the consequences. You would have to be dumb, blind, stupid [Read More...]

Off The Map Live

My friend (and former “soul owner“) Jim Henderson has an event coming up that Christians may want to consider attending. It’s called Off The Map Live, and it takes place November 1-3 in Seattle, Washington. Who is this event designed for? Young thinkers, learners, practitioners of all ages of all ages, pastors looking for validation, [Read More...]

E.O. Wilson and The New Humanism

If you’re not familiar with the famed scientist E.O. Wilson, there is a terrific article about him by Joe Foley, board member of the Secular Student Alliance. E.O. Wilson (left) with Joe Foley If you do know about Wilson, you’ll still want to read his stance on “The New Humanism”: To Wilson, the New Humanism [Read More...]

Thanks for the Great Week, God!

From The Onion: Churchgoer Tips God For Excellent Week CHARLESTON, SC—Churchgoer Brad Thaden, 48, reportedly tipped God a little something extra Sunday, claiming that the Almighty had done a better job than usual that week, especially with the weather and his children’s behavior. “Hey Big Guy, here’s a five-spot for ya,” Thaden silently prayed while [Read More...]