Christian Girls Who Say Sh*tuff

Hi. Come here often? I do, but I’m new to contributing. I’m Mary. Mary DeJesus. A quick bit about me before we move on to more exciting things. I consider myself a Christian in the sense that I follow the teachings of Jesus, do believe he is the son of God and was the ultimate [Read More…]

Why Don’t Atheists Cut Down All the Trees?

So… umm… this really happened on The 700 Club: In case you can’t bear to watch that, here’s a rough transcript, courtesy of Hoyden About Town: Pat Robertson: Atheists don’t believe in ANYTHING. I mean, a theo means “no God,” they have no Gods, so they don’t have anything, so they don’t believe in anything. [Read More…]

Love and Infatuation

I’m always impressed by how Zach Weiner manages to begin his cartoons one way before taking it in a completely different direction: You can read the rest of it here (Thanks to Dawn for the link!) [Read more…]

Black Atheists Speak Out About Their Godlessness

Yesterday, I posted about a new ad campaign sponsored by African Americans for Humanism. Now, some of the extended interviews with prominent black atheists have been posted online. Check them out — not just because they’re black, but because it’s sincerely heartwarming to listen to people talk so openly and comfortably about leaving their childhood [Read More…]

Darwin’s in Palouse

The Palouse Coalition of Reason has just formed in Idaho and they’re celebrating their arrival by bringing in some heavy hitters to speak in honor of Charles Darwin — and announcing it on a new billboard: The Darwin on the Palouse events herald not only Charles Darwin’s 203rd birthday on February 12 but the 153rd [Read More…]