Categorizing Religion Books

This unnamed now-named Toronto-based bookstore has a radical way of categorizing books about religion: Ron Brown, who points this out, explains the anonymity: Some have asked about the identity of the bookstore (so that they may go shop there!). I have deliberately kept this a secret. The reason being that I would hate to risk [Read More...]

An Unintentional Message

Chad at No Gods Allowed was checking out the website for Mars Hill Church when he saw this picture on the home page (you may have to click the church’s website a few times to see the image): Chad started thinking about the picture — maybe overthinking it — but came to this conclusion: Maybe [Read More...]

Ask a Seminary Student

Jared is a seminary student. How did he get involved in that career path? I got involved in a large ministry and traveled all over Eastern Europe doing missionary stuff both while I was finishing school and a little bit after school. Then I worked for corporate America for a few years and I realized [Read More...]

Interview on The Man in Black Orthodox Podcast

A couple weeks ago, I was interview by the people at The Man in Black Orthodox Podcast. You can download the MP3 here. Fr. Andrew Welzig, Calee Lee, Jacob Lee and I discussed the book, my background, as well as some of the differences between the churches I visited and the Orthodox church. Thanks to [Read More...]

Put God First… or Else

Opus chooses action over prayer and faces the wrath of an angry political opponent (click to enlarge): [tags]atheist, atheism, Berkeley Breathed[/tags] [Read more...]