God Tastes Like Chicken

Why do all the good shows take place in New York City? This one looks like fun: God Tastes Like Chicken is a mock religious service with faith healing, communion, passion plays, and improv. This information is from the press release: “We take on the excesses of organized religion through blasphemy and comedy. It is [Read More...]

Would You Be an Atheist Without the Internet?

An interesting question from the forums: Do you think you would be an atheist today if the Internet did not exist? I don’t think I would be… when the doubt about my religion started to creep into my mind, I found my answers late at night online. It was those crude websites and email newsletters [Read More...]

Mr. President, Rebuild That Wall!

One of several atheism-related stories you’ll be hearing about on Inauguration Day may be the following quarter-page ad by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which will run in the January 20th edition of the Washington Post: Says FFRF: The ad will further urge the new president to “Dismantle Bush’s disastrous ‘faith-based initiative’ ” and “Restore [Read More...]

Lori Lipman Brown Steps Down from the Secular Coalition for America

After three years on Capitol Hill, Lori Lipman Brown is stepping down as Director of the Secular Coalition for America. Here is a portion of her farewell letter: In 2005, I had the honor of leading the effort to lobby Congress on behalf of nontheistic Americans. While my love for policy and the work of [Read More...]

Potential “Saddleback” Definitions

In honor of Pastor Rick Warren, it’s up to Savage Love readers to pick the new NSFW definition of “Saddleback.” After much waiting, we finally get to hear the finalists! 3) The saddleback position involves placing your lubed dick between the butt cheeks of your partner. This position can be performed on your sides or [Read More...]