Pastor Uses Rainbow Flag as a Rug, Calling It a “Filthy Rag” on TV

Javier Soto, who claims to be a pastor in Chile, insulted the entire LGBT community by stepping on a rainbow flag meant to promote LGBT+ equality and calling it “a filthy rag.”


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A Charity Database Now Highlights “Hate” Groups, So the Christian Right Is Angry

GuideStar, the charity database, is now using information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to highlight which organizations are considered “hate” groups.

Naturally, those groups are furious that their hateful rhetoric is coming back to haunt them.


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Finally, There’s a Fidget Spinner for Atheists

And you thought fidget spinners were only useful for teaching kids about the Holy Trinity…


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A Surprising Number of People in the Czech Republic Don’t Believe in God

When it comes to belief in God among Central and Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic stands out in its non-religiosity.


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ISIS Destroys Famous Mosque, Showing How Their Terrorism Hurts Muslims Most

Members of the Islamic State (ISIS) have reportedly destroyed the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, a medieval Islamic religious institution in Mosul.

Reports say the terrorist group is blaming the West for the attack.


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