Donald Trump and His Anti-Trans Bathroom Plan: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, has something to say about how Donald Trump is going out of his way to make life more difficult for transgender people.


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The Danish Man Who Burned a Qur’an Doesn’t Deserve To Be Punished for “Blasphemy”

You don’t have to applaud this man’s actions to recognize that he doesn’t deserve punishment for his victimless “crime.”


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Citizens Revolt After Senator Comes to Town Hall Late, Then Prays: “They Booed the Name of Jesus”

Here’s a suggestion to Republicans: If you’re going to be late to your own town hall meeting, especially after your constituents have been waiting for hours to ask you questions, don’t waste time when you finally arrive by praying.


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The Church Abuse Checklist

How many churches could just plaster this cartoon on the front door and call it the official motto?


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Filmmakers Now Have an Easy Way to Get the Science Right in Their Movies

There’s an actual hotline filmmakers can call if they need to verify or correct scientific lines in their scripts. Just to make sure they’re not saying anything potentially embarrassing.


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