Improvisers Tell You Things You’d Never Read in the Bible

On the BBC Two show Mock the Week, the improvisers on the panel had a simple task: Name things you’d never read in the Bible.


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Dr. Richard Carrier Has Sued Several Atheists and Their Blogging Networks on Charges of Defamation

Dr. Richard Carrier, the author of several books about ancient philosophy, religion, and science, has filed a lawsuit against multiple atheists, their blogging networks, and an atheist conference on charges of defamation (two counts), interference with his business (one count), and emotional distress (two counts). They stem from posts made about his alleged sexual harassment, an accusation he repeatedly denies.


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City of Victoria (BC) Passes Modified Proclamation Honoring “International Blasphemy Rights Day”

The city of Victoria, British Columbia has declared September 30 “International Blasphemy Rights Day” after a 3-2 vote. But not without a bit of controversy.


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Pickens County (SC) School Board Will Allow Member-Led Christian Prayers at Meetings

Earlier this week, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Rowan County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina could open up their meetings with prayer led by the commissioners themselves. It was a disturbing decision that could give a lot of power to elected Christian majorities all over this country.

We’re already seeing the ripple affect from that decision. The Pickens County School Board in South Carolina voted yesterday to begin their meetings with Christian prayer led by board members, confident that the recent court victory applies to them as well:


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Rep. Dave Brat: Removing Mandatory Bible Readings from Public Schools is “Institutional Racism”

I’ve heard a lot of conservatives complain that we no longer allow forced Christian prayers in public schools, but until now, I’ve never heard that described as “racist.”

But “institutionalized racism” is how Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) described a lack of government-mandated religious education in our schools.


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