Alabama Town’s Religious Signs Come Down After FFRF Takes Notice

This is the way Sylvania, Alabama greets visitors to the town: How did Ephesians 4:5 get in there…? I don’t know, but four different signs use that same Biblical message to welcome people — and all four are illegal. So the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent Mayor Mitchell Dendy a letter explaining the problem (PDF) [Read More…]

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Keynote Address at the 28th National Space Symposium

What does Neil deGrasse Tyson say when he speaks in front of other space professionals? You can find out in the video below, from when he gave the keynote address at the recent National Space Symposium (the actual talk begins at the 6:01 mark): As always, if you see anything we should all watch, please [Read More…]

Is Declaring Your Atheism Social Suicide?

The Thinking Atheist compiled this collection of comments from people who declared their atheism, only to be ostracized or cut off in return: If you’re able to declare your atheism to certain people without fear of reprisal, please do it. Do it for the people in the video. Do it so that pointing out the [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Should My 11-Year-Old Come Out to My Ex-Husband?

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Richard, My 11-year-old son, Max, has asked me for advice, and I’m turning to you because I don’t know what to tell him. First a little background – I was raised in a very religious home and married his father when I was 18. We [Read More…]

Atheist Group (Almost) Forms at Quinnipiac University

There’s now a group for atheists at Quinnipiac University (in Connecticut)! But it’s not quite official yet…: “We decided to start something like this because I [felt] like freethinkers were not represented on campus at all,” said Julia Olson, a co-founder of [the Quinnipiac University Atheist, Humanist and Agnostic Association]. … “The start-up process has [Read More…]