Atheist Billboard Quoting Bible Verse Vandalized in Pennsylvania

That didn’t take very long… Just one day after being put up, the PA Nonbelievers’ billboard has been vandalized: The billboard was a response to the “Year of the Bible” Resolution passed by the state’s House in January. The atheists quoted a particularly controversial Bible verse in the hopes that they would encourage viewers to [Read More…]

American Atheists’ Hebrew Billboard Must Relocate Due to Landlord’s Opposition

American Atheists’ Arabic and Hebrew billboards were supposed to go up yesterday in Brooklyn, but one of them has already hit a snag: Apparently, calling out the Jews who just go through the motions at Synagogue and telling them they have a choice about the matter is too offensive for some people. When Clear Channel [Read More…]

College Atheists Raise Money By Offering to Attend House of Worship

The Secular Alliance of Indiana University found a clever way to raise money earlier this semester. They set up shop in a well-traveled part of campus, put out cups with the names of different faith organizations on them, and asked passers-by to donate to the cup of their choosing. The atheists said they would attend [Read More…]

Pennsylvania Atheist Group’s Slavery Billboard Is Now Up

Guess what just went up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today? More background on that billboard here. The PA Nonbelievers have responses on their website to many of the questions they’ve been receiving in response to the billboard. [Read more…]

FFRF Raises Enough Money to Run Full-Page New York Times Ad

Guessed who just raised $52,000 in just under a week? Looks like a lot of people supported the “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Give it a few weeks and you’ll be seeing the following full-page ad appear in the New York Times. (Click to enlarge.) Also, [Read More…]