How Did the Jessica Ahlquist Hearing Go?

Jason Bachand was at today’s trial and he breaks down his experience for us. (If you want more background on the story, check out this post.) I love this bit: At one point, Judge Lagueux interrupted [defense counsel Joseph Cavanagh, Jr.’s] remarks to ask: “What if [the banner] had been written to the Great Buddha?” [Read More…]

Atheist Group Forms at University of Kentucky

Students at the University of Kentucky just formed an atheist group on campus back in August, but they’re already getting media coverage just for existing: The group has gained more members than it expected, and feedback has been mostly positive, said Ben Augustine, the alliance’s president. About 25 students attended its most recent meeting, and [Read More…]

Secular Coalition for America Seeks Next Executive Director

If you look up to Lori Lipman Brown and Sean Faircloth, the Secular Coalition for America is looking for their next Executive Director and you could be following in their footsteps: The Executive Director will be the primary public face for the organization, be a central force in leading the organization, and cultivate relationships with [Read More…]

Stop Thinking That God is the Answer to Everything

This video by DarkMatter2525 is completely depressing (and possibly NSFW), but the point is an important one. Religious people are conditioned to believe God is the answer to everything, no matter the outcome. And it’s an absolutely delusional way to think: I can’t believe I used to reason that way. If I just missed getting [Read More…]

Foundation Beyond Belief Issues Statement About American Cancer Society Rebuff

For the first time since the story broke, the Foundation Beyond Belief’s Executive Director Dale McGowan has responded to the rejection from the American Cancer Society: It’s common practice for non-profits to decline support when they feel an association would result in a greater loss of support from other donors. Several such incidents have been [Read More…]