Jesus is Alive in Bradford County, Florida: My Day at a Ten Commandments Protest

This is a guest post by Annie Thomas. Annie is a science teacher and writer from Gainesville, Florida. She last wrote about her night at a Kirk Cameron-hosted “marriage-strengthening” event. *** On May 3rd of this year, a monument of the Ten Commandments was unveiled at the Bradford County courthouse in Florida. The $20,000 monument [Read More…]

Mississippi State Rep Brags About Stopping Legal Abortion

Just last month, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a law that would require doctors who perform abortions in their state to also have admitting privileges in a local hospital — basically, another restriction on abortions. Mississippi legislators are actively making it impossible to seek out a safe and legal abortion in their state. But what [Read More…]

Authoritarian Parenting, No True Scotsman, and Really Bad Poetry

I’d wager that most readers at the Friendly Atheist are at least familiar with the “No True Scotsman” fallacy if they haven’t been on the receiving end of the argument at some point. The idea is that when someone doesn’t fit your stereotype of a particular group, instead of reassessing the stereotype, you just assume [Read More…]

Videos from the Global Atheist Convention

A few of the talks from the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne are starting to come online — the highlights, at least, are worth a few minutes of your time. I love Dennett’s clip. Daniel Dennett: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: A C Grayling: [Read more…]

God Is Unbelievable, Too

Here’s an interesting documentary project: Michael Wilson is an atheist from New Zealand and he’s heading out on a road trip: I will be test driving religions around my country of New Zealand (sometimes referred to as Godzone). I am planning to visit many groups who think theirs is the one true religion and everyone [Read More…]