If Atheists Can’t Get Elected, Can We Get Appointed?

You’ve already heard that Illinois’ Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested on corruption charges — essentially, he was attempting to sell Barack Obama‘s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. At the moment, though, he still gets to pick Obama’s successor. (Perhaps in the near future, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn will be making that call.) [Read More...]

American Atheists’ New Website

After approximately 239498023 years (by my count), American Atheists finally updated their website. It looks *so* much better than the old version. It’ll still take a while to work out the kinks, but it’s a great first step. Take a look around and let AA know what you think. [Read more...]

Atheists Visit the Creation Museum

There are other videos of atheists visiting anti-Evolution places, but most of them are not this well-made or as entertaining. A couple weeks ago, the Secular Alliance of Indiana University — Bloomington visited the disaster that is the Creation Museum: Save your money. Don’t go visit (in case you were tempted). Just watch Eoban Binder‘s [Read More...]

Progressive Radio and Independent Theater Offer Christmas Gift to Atheists

They’re not marketing it as such, but WVKO (Ohio’s Progressive Talk radio) celebrated their 1-year anniversary yesterday along with the help of Studio 35 in Columbus, Ohio by offering a free viewing of Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous. (That would’ve been a fun crowd to watch the movie with…) Reader John didn’t know this was going [Read More...]