They Just Keep Getting Younger…

And I keep getting more disturbed: A number of thoughts immediately come to mind: This makes more sense than what many adult pastors say. This isn’t brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing. I wonder what role the parents had in making [Read More...]

Ideas for a Humanist Wedding Ceremony?

From FAForumite kungfu: I’m getting hitched in a few months. I come from a largely fundamentalist baptist background but I’ve been an atheist for a number of years. My bride-to-be was raised Lutheran and while she has some fundies on her side, her immediate family is pretty laid back. She still holds onto her religion, [Read More...]

How To Make People Very Angry

All you have to do is have this banner flown over a large city: On a recently filmed episode of the show Kenny vs. Spenny, where the two guys attempt to beat each other in random competitions, the battle was over who could piss off the most people. Kenneth Joel Hotz (Kenny) went with the [Read More...]

The Numbers Say a Lot

From The Daily Mail: The findings were described by researchers at the Centre for Social Cohesion think tank, which commissioned the poll, as ‘deeply alarming’. But a prominent Muslim student group called the report ‘weak and unrepresentative’ and said it undermined ‘positive work carried out by Islamic societies’. The Centre for Social Cohesion, founded last [Read More...]

Babies: Atheists or Religious?

If a baby is born, it seems obvious to me that it would be an atheist — at least in the sense that it has not yet been taught the concept of God, so it can’t possibly believe in a God. It’s the very reason Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion, says it would be [Read More...]