Mr. Deity’s Science Advisor

Mr. Deity now has a science advisor. He looks strikingly familiar but I just can’t put my finger on who it is… I’d be afraid of this guy. He has a colorful science-y tie. [Read more...]

The Polish Eucharist Was Actually a… What?!

This is just creepy. A Catholic priest in Poland was doing the Holy Communion ritual recently. He accidentally dropped the cracker. So he put it in holy water (to “cleanse” it). The object turned red… and it turned out it’s not a cracker at all. It’s a piece of human heart. All of sudden, some [Read More...]

Iraqi Atheism

Looks like Americans are making a difference in Iraq in at least one positive way: We’re teaching Iraqis about atheism. It’s dangerous for anyone to say they don’t believe in a god in such a predominantly Muslim nation, but some brave Iraqis are even forming groups! “Iraq is a land without God or any other [Read More...]

Speaking About the IFI Incident

On Thursday, October 22nd, I will be giving a talk for the North Shore Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (in Illinois). The talk will focus on what went down during the IFI incident. There will be a Q&A session afterwards, too. It’s all free and open to the public. If [Read More...]

Jesus Is Your New Health Care

Now, I get why all those faith-healing parents who kill their children act the way they do. They believe everything they read at Jesus Is Your New Health Care. (It turns out Jesus takes care of everything!) And who needs universal health care when Jesus is saving you $35 in office fees…? (Kudos to Shawn [Read More...]