The Kids Got Phone Calls from God

What comes to mind when I write “Vacation Bible School”? I asked a few atheist friends and the word “brainwashing” came up more than once. I was hesitant about using that word myself because it’s not like the counselors know they’re feeding fairy tales to the children. They believe the nonsense and they’re just passing [Read More...]

National Association of Evangelicals Opposes Koran Burning

Pastor Terry Jones is still planning to burn Korans on September 11th but there’s opposition coming from within Christendom. The National Association of Evangelicals has condemned plans by a Florida church to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “The proposed burning of Qurans would be profoundly offensive to [Read More...]

What Should Atheists Memorize?

Just about every Christian I’ve ever met could tell you what John 3:16 says in the Bible. It brings up this question: Is there anything atheists should really have memorized? Maybe it’s a quotation or a passage from a book. I’ve always loved this passage by Richard Dawkins but it’s a bit long for quick [Read More...]

Too Soon To Learn About Santa Claus?

Two days in a row dealing with one-year-old babies. Hmm…. Reader Jay and his friend are both atheists. The friend’s daughter is turning 1 and he plans to eventually teach his daughter to be skeptical of the world around her and to “not have religion blinders on” as she grows up. Sounds like a plan, [Read More...]

It’s Not Too Hard to Say Goodbye

It looks sad, but the the punchline is worth it. (via Cectic) [Read more...]