The Impact of the New Atheists a Decade After 9/11

There’s an article by Kimberly Winston of Religion News Service making the rounds about how 9/11 was a major spark for the New Atheism movement. It’s the event that led Sam Harris to write The End of Faith, and that book was followed by several others: Published in 2004, Harris’s “The End of Faith” launched [Read More…]

Jerry Buell, I Rebuke Thee

There’s an update on Jerry Buell, the anti-gay high school teacher who was reassigned from the classroom because of things he posted on his Facebook page, but allowed back into his classroom on Thursday. A couple days ago, I defended his right to free speech, arguing that he should be able to post his thoughts [Read More…]

Christian College Asks Applicants: Are You a Member of the LGBT Community?

We all know there’s an awful relationship between Christian schools and LGBT students. At some schools, the mere mention that you like someone of the same sex will cause the Christian Police to come after you (reparative therapy, anyone?)… At some schools, like Harding University in Arkansas, anonymous gay students put out an ezine with [Read More…]

How Do Atheists Prepare for Hurricane Irene?

Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, was invited to be a guest on FOX Business’ “Varney & Co.” Friday morning. He was brought on to talk about “what Atheists do during times of crisis and how they will prepare for Hurricane Irene.” Dave knew exactly what he was going to say. Something to the effect [Read More…]

Filipino Freethinkers Win Social Media Award

A couple weeks ago, Richard Wade posted a link for readers to go vote for the Filipino Freethinkers in the Globe Tatt Awards. One of the categories they were nominated for was called “The One” which goes to… …the most influential trendsetter that shaped opinion, moved people, and ultimately starting fire in Philippine internet. This [Read More…]