I Apologize for Thinking Independently

David Hayward draws this cartoon: Come to think of it, we rarely hear about Christians who disagree with their pastors — and dare to say so publicly. If you used to be a Christian, did you ever call your pastor out on anything s/he said in church because it was wrong or misguided? (That is, [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #36: Overheard at the Naked Church

Last time, I ran this contest (in reference to the naked mass that took place in the Netherlands): What comments were overheard during the naked mass? Here are the Top 10 lines overheard (with submitters): 10| “Now, would everybody please use the back entrance, that way no accidents will happen.” (elianara) 9| “Dude, whatever you [Read More...]

National Republican Senatorial Committee Puts Out Anti-Atheist Political Ad

Remember that attack from the Elizabeth Dole campaign against her opponent for a North Carolina Senate seat Kay Hagan? Now, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has put it to video. Wow. It’s all absurd, of course. No one has to be afraid of the Godless. While many atheists would like to see “Under God” removed [Read More...]

Atheist Math and Imaginary Numbers

Scikidus had the idea for the image, and I’m just throwing out some other versions: I *so* know how I’m teaching imaginary numbers to my classes this year. (via To Whom I May Concern) [Read more...]

The Scariest Halloween Costume

I’m frightened. Very frightened. I think I might have nightmares. All I need to do is borrow a baby and I’ll be all set. [Read more...]