Atheist PR Crisis Averted

Yesterday, I mentioned that Amanda Metskas, the president of Camp Quest, was interviewed on NPR. The headline on the NPR webpage reads: Children’s Summer Camp Teaches ‘Free Thinking’ That wasn’t originally the case. Duncan Crary explains in the latest Humanist Network News: … The interview itself went well, and it would have been a public [Read More...]

Bill Maher on the Absurdity of Religion

Bill Maher was on Larry King Live last night. Of course, religion was a topic of discussion. Some of the transcript: KING: Mitt Romney — can a Mormon be elected? MAHER: Well, I don’t think so, actually, because Americans take their faith very seriously, which is so silly and ironic, because one set of preposterous, [Read More...]

Question for the Non-Church Folk

Anne asks this question to those who do not regularly go to church: Based on the culture we live in today – the cards you get in the mail – the signs you see – the stuff you might see flipping through TV or on the shelves at a bookstore…if you were to walk into [Read More...]

Left Behind: The Prank

A fan of the Left Behind series gets… umm… left behind. Hilarity ensues. Get it? The whole “left behind” thing is just a bunch of &*%#. None of it is real! For some reason, I don’t think the people in the video and I are finding the same things funny here. Oh well. Still an [Read More...]

Ememies of Christ

Dr. Wiley S. Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in California, did something wrong. He wrote on church letterhead that he was endorsing Republican Mike Huckabee for president. Then he said the same thing on a church-affiliated radio show. That’s illegal. Churches cannot endorse political candidates. So Americans United for Separation of Church and [Read More...]