The Students are Taking Over.

This is a guest post by Stef McGraw. Stef is a Junior at the University of Northern Iowa. We’re taking over. That’s right, as Hemant mentioned in his post before going on vacation, several students will be blogging on Friendly Atheist this week in his absence. High school activist Jessica Ahlquist, the University of Northern [Read More…]

I Waxed a Man’s Leg…

I said I was going on vacation, but I had to get one last thing up before I left! Remember when we held a fundraiser for Camp Quest in which PZ Myers was pitted against a group of atheist bloggers to see which team could raise more money? After PZ took an early lead, several [Read More…]

I’m Going on Vacation…

For the first time in a really long time, I’m going out of the country. I’m leaving tomorrow, not coming back until early next week, and I’m probably not going to have Internet access while I’m out. I will do my best to have crazy adventures, get kidnapped, save the world, or do something worth [Read More…]

A Little Italian in Everything They Make

Reader Amy was in an Italian restaurant in Summerville, South Carolina last week, saw this ad in the bathroom, and took a picture because she figured I’d appreciate it: (I love how she saw this ad and immediately thought of me…) It seems only natural that they would put babies in spaghetti sauce. All the [Read More…]

Court Rules Against Christian Who Left His Pets’ Healthcare to God

I don’t do pets. I dislike animals. Especially cats (I’m horribly allergic). And supposedly “cute” dogs, too: Even I would agree, though, they have a right to be cared for properly. In Texas, they have animal cruelty laws that say (among other things) if you don’t take care of your pet, you’ll be subject to [Read More…]