For Those Who Are Openly Atheist

The atheist student group at my alma mater is running a terrific project, inspired by Richard Dawkins‘ OUT campaign. The University of Illinois at Chicago Rationalists and Freethinkers (RAFT) want to promote the idea of going public with one’s atheism. So if you’re able and willing, please submit your name to their master list! Your [Read More...]

Better Advice for the Atheist Father

Last week, Cary Tennis of Salon gave a horrible response to an atheist father seeking advice on how to deal with his fundamentalist daughter: I am the father of a 13-year-old daughter whose mother has been taking her to an evangelical Christian church her whole life… As my daughter has gotten older, she has become [Read More...]

The Sam Harris Controversy… In LOLspeak

And just for the hell of it, here’s your new desktop background: I love people who submit amusing things to me (Thanks to monkeymind for the pics!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris[/tags] [Read more...]

See It Before It Goes Away!

The *official* webpage for my book is going to disappear! was the subject of a cease and desist letter from eBay to my publishers. Goodbye site! We hardly knew ye. (The title of the book is still safe, though.) [tags]atheist, atheism, I Sold My Soul on eBay[/tags] [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #4: What Is Christopher Hitchens So Mad About?

Last week, I asked this question: Who is Richard Dawkins talking to in the picture below? What is their conversation? Here are the Top 5 answers (with submitters)! 5| “Hello P-Zed? Harris has gone over to the other side. No, not THAT side. He’s allying himself with the fr*mers. Pity. Unleash your Pharynguloid minions.” (Siamang) [Read More...]