Talk Like a Pirate Day Approaches…

Talk Like a Pirate Day, the international holiday celebrated by good Pastafarians everywhere, is only a month away! It will take place Saturday, September 19th. This video from Pontius Pirate showcases some events that took place on the special day last year, along with great music, and some interesting commentary: Nice work, Central Arkansas Pastafarians! [Read More...]

Why the Illinois Family Institute Is Angry With Me

It seems I have a conservative “family” group angry with me because of this website. And they’re trying to attack my character (and my teaching position) as a result. Some background: The Illinois Family Institute has a habit of saying ridiculous things. And I’ve been calling them out on it. Most recently, they said that [Read More...]

Afghan Husbands Can Legally Starve Their Wives

A few months ago, there was a proposed law in Afghanistan for the Shia minority that would have forced Afghani women to have sex with their husbands. Not only did the law pass, it’s worse than we thought. Last week, though, Human Rights Watch discovered that a revised version of the Shiite Personal Status Law [Read More...]

College Atheists in Utah!

Colleges are back in session across the country and many atheist groups are having their first meetings. It’s particularly nice to see groups growing in states you wouldn’t expect to see them at all. Like the Utah State University Secular Humanists, Atheists, and Free Thinkers (SHAFT). (How can you not love that acronym?) They just [Read More...]

Iowan Refuses to Drive Bus with Atheist Ad On It

My school district is huge. So huge that, when the year begins, we hold a district-wide meeting at a local megachurch, because it’s really the only place where we can comfortably fit everybody. I understand why we do it and, to their credit, the church has always gone out of their way to keep their [Read More...]