A Christian Pastor Explores Homosexuality

Paul Rudnick has a great piece in the latest issue of The New Yorker where he writes (a fiction piece) about a Christian pastor who is a closeted homosexual. It mentions Ted Haggard a few times, and no doubt the story is a satire of what went through Haggard’s mind the past few decades. I’ll [Read More...]

You Say We’re Redefining Marriage? You’re Redefining Love

The Religious Right keeps saying gay-rights activists are “redefining marriage”: Changing the definition of marriage would undermine the very nature that gives marriage its unique status in society. Ultimately, forcing marriage to mean all things will force marriage to mean nothing at all. (The Heritage Foundation) The same group of people also goes on about [Read More...]

Why You Should Help the Secular Student Movement

I serve as the chair of the Secular Student Alliance, an umbrella organization that creates and supports atheist (and the like) college groups across the country. This is how fast we’re growing: In 2007, we had 81 active affiliates. Today, we have 149. During the 2007-2008 school year, we set up 22 speaking events on [Read More...]

Now I Understand the Pedophile Priests…

Jesusophile explains why priests are pedophiles. Satan did it. (I knew it!) The logic is just flawless. [Read more...]

Roy Moore is Running for Governor

Who is Roy Moore? He’s the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who installed a monument of the Ten Commandments into his courthouse. When he was told to remove it, he refused. He was later removed from office — which was good. You don’t want a man to be in charge of enforcing [Read More...]