Catholic Blogger’s Dangerous New Project Warns People to Stop Using Contraception

Fellow Patheos blogger Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic has realized why the Catholic mandate against contraception enjoys such pitiful support amongst American women. It’s not because it’s an archaic, unrealistic standard that turns couples — and particularly women — into slaves of their own biology despite the existence of readily available alternatives. The actual [Read More…]

Catholic Priest Sexually Abuses a Woman During Exorcism

An unnamed woman from Virginia was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest who was performing an “exorcism” on her years ago… but she’s fighting back. Jane Doe (as she is named in the law suit) is suing the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, its bishop Paul Loverde (who is not being accused of sexual assault), and pro-life group Human Life International (which [Read More…]

Yesterday, 150 Mormons Began the Process to Become Ex-Mormons

150 Mormons did something amazing yesterday: They left the church en masse. It was a planned event called a “Declaration of Independence from Mormonism.” “We’re not doing it out of anger, and we’re not doing it to poke a finger at the church,” said organizer Zilpha Larsen, 36, a lifetime Mormon who has not attended [Read More…]

Love and Sex: Brain vs. Religion

This video by LJonYT, a response to this video at Scientific American, makes comparisons between what your brain naturally tells you to do when it comes to love and sex versus what religion proclaims you to do: [Read more…]

A Catholic Election Ad… with Fire

Catholics Called to Witness (“Inspiring Catholics to Live Their Faith”) released an extremely dramatic video about the upcoming presidential elections: The text reads as follows (emphasis theirs, and also note that their text is all in caps lock.  I wouldn’t subject you to that, though): In generations past, the church has always been able to [Read More…]