What Child Milestones Can an Atheist Contribute?

Reader Claudia‘s friends are married and they just had their first child. The mom is a “mild Catholic” — the kind who does weddings, First Communions, funerals, and not much else — and the dad is an atheist. They made an agreement I don’t think a lot of atheists would agree to: No church wedding, [Read More...]

Obama’s Proclamation Includes Atheists

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association … So the 2009 National Day of Prayer has come and gone.  Obama issued a proclamation as mandated by congress, but he didn’t hold a ceremony as his predecessor had. Ok, here’s the good news about the proclamation: it’s the best National [Read More...]

Can Praying Be Considered Religious Intolerance?

David Silverman of American Atheists was asked this question on a radio interview: Do you get offended when someone says “I’ll pray for you”? While we all know the sentiment and good intentions behind that phrase, Dave responded that he still considered it to be offensive. … when someone prays for me, they are trying [Read More...]

Atheist Bust Campaign

I don’t know how this idea originated… but I like it! The Atheist Bust Campaign: But who should be the model…? (And did I just open up a can of worms?) (That mockup is by Flickr user Krypto.) [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens: Banned by the Air Force Academy

On Monday evening, Christopher Hitchens spoke about atheism to a group of Air Force Academy cadets. Twelve of them. This is a guy who could sell out lecture halls. How is it possible that only twelve people showed up to hear him? Simple. He wasn’t allowed on campus. The Colorado Springs Independent‘s Anthony Lane writes [Read More...]