I Have a Fragrance, Too

My fragrance looks *so* much cooler than that of Richard Dawkins and Jenny McCarthy: It smells like roses, foamy soap, and curry. (Thanks to Max for the image!) [Read more...]

God’s Role in the NBA Draft

It’s always risky to enter the NBA draft early in your college career. You’re not always fully developed as a player and you haven’t had a lot of experience again tough competition. But if you’re really talented, NBA teams might overlook all that. It worked for Blake Griffin, who left college after two years and [Read More...]

Those Atheist Fundamentalists…

If you’re religious, how do tell the difference between an atheist and an atheist “fundamentalist”? The fundamentalist is the one who dares to mention her beliefs out loud. I think that’s all there is to it. Jesus and Mo agree: (via Jesus and Mo) [Read more...]

Can Anyone Make an Animated Short?

I’m wondering if anyone out there has the ability to make a one-minute cartoon (for YouTube purposes). There’s an outline ready to go — revisions are possible depending on what you think. You’d be helping out a good secular cause If you might be able to help, please contact me. Thanks! [Read more...]

The Homosexual Spirit

The pastor of the “Gay Exorcism” church has spoken. And she makes even less sense than you thought. An excerpt: Pastor Patricia McKinney: … I just wanted to tell the world out there that Manifested Glory Ministries Church is not against homosexuality. We do not hate them. We do not come up against them. We [Read More...]