An Astrologer Pwns Me

I wrote yesterday about an astrologer’s tribute to David Foster Wallace. It looks like the writer is responding back: On Skepchick my post recieved a mild lampooning, but at the Friendly Athethist I was given what for in the piece, “Please Don’t Let People Do This Me When I Die.” (Hemnant, don’t think you have [Read More...]

How to Embarrass Yourself at the Apple Store

It’s a long process that begins in 2004. It ends in my brown face somehow turning very red and my normally fluent speech turning into stutters. I’ll walk you through the steps. … Purchase your first iPod years ago. Realize you have to enter a name for your iPod when you register it. While thinking [Read More...]

Draw Muhammad; Win $100

Less than a month ago, the atheist student group at Lorain County Community College in Ohio made headlines when promotional posters for the group depicted a possibly gay Jesus: Aaron Weaver, the president of the group, has now taken it one step further. He’s now using his First Amendments rights to draw focus on Islam: [Read More...]

Ten Reasons Not to Believe in God

We all have our reasons for not being religious. Hell, most of us just have one: It is unreasonable to think a god exists. Greta Christina has compiled her personal list of 10 reasons she doesn’t believe in God. While she goes into more depth for each of them, here’s a brief rundown of her [Read More...]

How Religious Are Religious People?

It’s an argument made by Sam Harris and others: The religious fundamentalists, crazy as they are, are the most dedicated to following their faith the way in which it was always intended. It is the religious moderates who shape and mold their faith to fit their way of life. (And if you’re going to do [Read More...]