A Response to Wafergate

***Update***: The Florida student didn’t steal the wafer. He just took it out of the service after it had been given to him. A few changes below reflect that. … You’ve heard more than enough on Wafergate. But I wanted to add one more (one last?) comment. To briefly recap the story: PZ Myers made [Read More...]

Violations of Church and School

Microbiologychick went to a public school but remembers a number of church/state violations from her childhood: In Jr. High, a few teachers gave extra credit for attending talks at churches or other large-scale religious activities that had no educational component … On a Jr. High school-sponsored Spring Break trip, prayer happened before meals on several [Read More...]

Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective

That’s the tag line for A Beka Book company (owned by Pensacola Christian College). They provide textbooks for fundamentalist Christian homeschooling parents. They’re not too bad when it comes to Math (PDF): The text presents a Scriptural view of working, tithing, saving, paying taxes, and budgeting time and money and gives a positive introduction to [Read More...]

They Can Handle War, But Not Magazines

Not atheism related. It just pisses me off. Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) is one of the supporters of a bill that would “close loopholes in the prohibition on the sale or rental of sexually explicit material on military installations.” In other words, he wants to legislate what our troops are allowed to read. No nudity [Read More...]

The Flyer Exchange

The Secular Student Alliance is now hosting a flyer exchange. It allows members of atheist/Humanist/Freethought campus groups to swap their advertising posters with one-another. Students can submit their own or just get some great ideas from others. Here are a few of my favorites among the few submissions so far: I’m sure they love to [Read More...]