Do You Have a Biblical Name?

Because the irony of atheists having Biblical names makes me laugh. But if you do, you might as well tally up your score: The Crazy Bible Name for Your Kid Score Sheet 1. You give your kid a name that doesn’t sound Biblical except for a slight letter difference that only Christians would notice, e.g. [Read More...]

An Atheist in a Crisis

I’ve mentioned before stories of atheists who had to deal with a crisis — or at least people who didn’t turn to a god when they were dealing with terrifying situations. The fact that Stephen Alter is an atheist is only a minor point in this essay he wrote for Outlook India. But after paragraph [Read More...]

William Lobdell’s Losing My Religion in Bookstores Today

There’s a new book about atheism out in bookstores today that’s quite different from the New Atheist ones already in print: Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America — and Found Unexpected Peace This one, by William Lobdell, tells the story of how he came out from under the [Read More...]

What Are They Trying to Say…?

I don’t know… but I think I approve. Quick and easy. No mess. (via Vagabondish — Thanks to Donna for the link!) [Read more...]

Don’t Fear Atheists; We’re the New Lutherans

American atheists are nothing to worry about or fear, says Maurice O’ Sullivan in The Wall Street Journal. He first cites President Obama’s reference to non-religious people during his Inauguration Address: Our new president’s cautious phrasing may suggest that the country is not yet ready for the full debut of atheists, but they are certainly [Read More...]