How Michigan Stadium’s Seat #109,901 Resembles God

The University of Michigan’s football stadium — the Big House — has a seating capacity of 109,901, making it the largest such stadium in the country. But what’s up with that extra 1? Wouldn’t 109,900 seats just make more sense? Turns out the extra seat was installed during a 1956 renovation… or was it? It’s [Read More…]

A Christian Store Denied Him This T-Shirt…

Gotta love this story from Reddit, about an atheist who walked into a Christian store… They had a t-shirt printer that was used to put verses. I asked if a printing of a Timothy 2:12 shirt was reasonable. Being Christians, they had never looked that far into the Bible, so they looked it up with [Read More…]

I’m a Pony…

I always thought a Hemant pony would be brown… Nevertheless, I think it fits! You can see Johnny Kaje‘s other atheist ponies here [Read more…]

Right Wingers Go Crazy After Obama Omits ‘God’ from Thanksgiving Address

FOX News and religious conservatives are pissed off at President Obama because they didn’t like his Thanksgiving address. Here are some excerpts — see if you can figure out why they’re angry: As Americans, each of us has our own list of things and people to be thankful for. But there are some blessings we [Read More…]

An Open Letter to the Salvation Army

Just a reminder to think twice before giving your change to the Christian, anti-gay Salvation Army this holiday season. It was written (PDF) by an anonymous reader of this site: … To whom it may concern, The Salvation Army, a Christian organization, states that intimate homosexual acts are forbidden: Scripture forbids sexual intimacy between members [Read More…]