The Atheist Blogroll Hits 1,000?

Mojoey‘s atheist blogroll is about to hit 1,000! Is it significant? Absolutely. Say what you will about the quality of some of the blogs on that list, but it’s one barometer of the growth of the atheist blogosphere over the past few years. It tells the world that there are more and more people offering [Read More...]

Ricky Gervais Discusses Religion, Atheism, and The Invention of Lying

Ricky Gervais has been making the media rounds the past few weeks to talk about his new movie The Invention of Lying. In the movie, lying leads to, among other things, the invention of religion. So, Gervais has been talking about religion in many of the interviews he’s done: When [Gervais' character] Mark Bellison learns [Read More...]

Jazz Bassist Ben Allison Outs Himself As an Atheist

Ben Allison is a jazz bassist whose ninth album, Think Free, will be released in a couple weeks. What’s the deal with the album’s name? Allison explains: This is my “coming out” album. I’ve been living with a secret for quite a while. It’s something that most of my friends know about me but I’ve [Read More...]

Help Washington State Ban Displays of Faith in the Capitol Building

Remember when the Freedom From Religion Foundation created a media firestorm after putting up a pro-atheist plaque next to a nativity scene in the Washington state Capitol building last Winter? Everyone wanted a symbol of their faith allowed in the building after that and officials had to put a moratorium on further displays. This year, [Read More...]

Statue of Ganesh Offends Visitors at Calgary Zoo

When the “Elephant Crossing” exhibit opened at the Calgary Zoo in 2006, a private donor gave the zoo a statue of the Hindu god Ganesh — it was in honor . For some reason, the zoo accepted it and stripped it of “all religious symbolism.” Which is ridiculous because an elephant in that pose is [Read More...]