Dutch Millionaire Builds a Replica of Noah’s Ark

One day, the Dutch construction millionaire Johan Huibers had a dream. In his dream his beloved Holland was flooded again. Again? Yes, again. Because Huibers is a Creationist, and thus his dream flood would be the second time the Netherlands was entirely underwater, the first being the Biblical flood. A normal person would wake up [Read More…]

I’ll Play This Game

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We Weren’t Misquoting Jesus, Only Misinterpreting Him

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It Captured the Look On My Face Perfectly

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Texas State Representative: Everyone’s Cool with Reading Bible Verses in the Classroom, Right?

Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle (guess which party she represents?) has a brilliant idea to fix our schools: Forget decades of court precedence and ignore the religious diversity in our schools: Surely things would be better if we just read Bible verses in the classroom! Of course, people began challenging her. If she wants students [Read More…]