Texting in Church

I was reading this article about how churches, rather than asking the congregation to turn their phones off during a service, are doing the opposite. Worshipers are asked to keep their phones on and text questions to the pastor. Let’s see what they are texting: During [Rev. Mike] Schreiner’s 30-minute sermon, [director of worship Amie] [Read More...]

The Most Evil Fictional Characters in Literature

There are a number of arguments in the discussion thread of a recently published list of the 50 Greatest Villains in Literature in the Telegraph (UK) newspaper. The biggest argument may be over the most evil person on the list. It’s Satan (from John Milton‘s Paradise Lost). Some are mad that Satan is on a [Read More...]

Footprints for Children… the Atheist Version

You’ve seen the popular Christian version of the Footprints poem, designed for the kiddies: However, I think PhillyChief‘s Godless version of the poem is going to be much more popular: Send it along to those you love [Read more...]

Proofs of God’s Existence

I’ll go out on a limb here and say the third option is the most persuasive… We’ll have to add to the Big List of God Proofs. (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more...]

I Have a Sudden Urge to Devangelize

I now have a new way to meet women! Ride the subway and begin reading an atheist book. The ladies will flock to you. At least that’s what happened to Adam. He was reading The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality by Andre Comte-Sponville when he had an interesting encounter: … I was standing in the [Read More...]