To Be or Not to Be… a Dick

One of the most discussed issues from The Amazing Meeting this past weekend was Phil Plait‘s talk about how we treat people who disagree with us. In essence, “Don’t Be a Dick.” Here’s the gist of it: Phil says (and I agree) most of us believed in something ridiculous at one point or another — [Read More...]

Nothing Happens When You Lose Your Faith

David Hayward points out how times have changed for atheists: Has God gotten nicer? Of course not. Hell, Christians today still think you’re going to burn in hell eternally if you don’t buy into their mythology. The first panel mixes fiction with fear. The second panel is honest. Nothing happens when you lose your faith. [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Grieving the Loss of Belief

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I have a friend who until very recently identified as Catholic. Her entire family is Catholic, and she had a rather liberal interpretation of the faith, but she believed in God all the same. A few days ago, she “came out” as an [Read More...]

What Do We Know About Heaven?

A couple years ago, I started receiving Christian magazines in my mailbox. (I guess anonymous Christians felt if I read them, I’d get converted or something. Who knows how they found my address…) My favorite in the bunch was Charisma because I *facepalmed* through every issue. It was free entertainment. It would have been more [Read More...]

A Hawaiian Delicacy?

“Keiki” is the Hawaiian word for “Baby.” Keep that in mind as you look at the menu that reader Allison and her husband saw at a restaurant during their recent vacation there … we ate at this little restaurant with terrible service, but we had to forgive them once we found out they serve Baby [Read More...]