Great Article About Atheist Benefactor

It made the rounds quite a bit yesterday, but in case you missed it, the Raleigh News & Observer ran a fantastic article about atheist benefactor Todd Stiefel. Todd has given organization-changing gifts to the Secular Student Alliance, Secular Coalition for America, and American Atheists in the past year. That’s not all: Last week, he [Read More...]

Another Young Hero Fights Against High School Prayers

Alexandria High School in Alabama is a public school where the administrators are uneducated about the law. They thought it was okay for students to recite Christian prayers over the public address system. It took a young man (who wishes to remain anonymous) to challenge the practice: “Every day in the morning we would have [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Young Atheist Considers Leaving Church and Coming Out

Dear Richard, I’m a high school student, and while my parents know this, my Christian mother insists on sending me to church Youth Group every Friday. It doesn’t really bother me, but submitting to church feels as though I’m submitting to my mother. She believes that this is a “phase” and that it will “disappear” [Read More...]

Interview with Eric Kaufmann, Author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?

Religious fundamentalists have a lot of babies. They don’t even have to be fundies. I mean, there’s clearly something in holy water that makes a Catholic woman’s uterus extra-powerful. Last year, I shared an excerpt from Kathryn Joyce‘s book Quiverfull that really haunted me. It described a patriarch’s long-term plans for his family: One of [Read More...]

The Top 10 Good Things About Being Godless

Phil Zuckerman is the author of Society Without God and the forthcoming book Faith No More: How and Why People Reject Religion. He spoke at the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s convention last November and a transcript of his talk is now available online in the most recent issue of Freethought Today. In it, he listed [Read More...]