Atheist Billboard in… Morgantown!

The United Coalition of Reason put up a billboard in Morgantown, West Virginia this week! Why is it important? Neece, the local CoR Coordinator, explains: Here in West Virginia, it seems like everyone must be traditionally religious. People wear crosses around their necks and churches seem to be on every corner. But there are godless [Read More...]

Columnist Supports Banned Books Week; Illinois Family Institute Objects

A few days ago, the Chicago Tribune‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic Julia Keller spoke out in favor of Banned Books Week: That day marked my first encounter with banned books. I probably don’t need to point out that my mother’s efforts were utterly counter-productive, that her prohibition only made true-crime books seem even more alluring. [Read More...]

Should We Blaspheme? Not Always…

It’s Blasphemy Day today. Why do we celebrate it? Blasphemy Day International is a campaign seeking to establish September 30th as a day to promote free speech and stand up in a show of solidarity for the freedom to challenge, criticize, and satirize religion without fear of murder, litigation, and reprisal. Blasphemy Day takes place [Read More...]

Repealing the Blasphemy Law and Getting a Secular Irish Constitution

Blasphemy Day is tomorrow and Atheist Ireland is ready to make a move. As you may recall, the Irish government recently passed a law making it a crime to blaspheme. What is AI doing in response? Atheist Ireland is seeking your help today to launch and shape a new long-term campaign with two important aims: [Read More...]

Zebras, Beware!

Today’s Pearls Before Swine shows us a foolproof way to sneak into someone’s house: This strip also confirms what I’ve long believed: Jehovah’s Witnesses are really crocodiles. Or is it Mormons? Crap. [Read more...]