Do You Like Secs?

An ongoing question in the non-religious world: What should we call ourselves? Atheists. Humanists. Secular Humanists. Brights. Freethinkers. Non-theists. Pastafarians. If we’re looking for something short and slangy, Ron Lindsay has a different suggestion: If brevity is what we want, why not “Secs”? One thing we all share, presumably, is a commitment to secularism. For [Read More...]

Ice Age 3: To Hell with Evolution

The new Ice Age movie — Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs — is set to open next summer. What problems do you see with the following poster (and the premise of the movie in general)? Scientists are going to have a field day with it. Apparently, dinosaurs are taking over the earth after [Read More...]

Should You Let Others Say Grace At Your Dinner Table?

A question posed to advice columnist Amy Dickinson today deals with an atheist, her semi-religious boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s more-religious family. The setup is this: The (atheist) girl visited her boyfriend’s (religious) family for dinner. The family says grace before meals, so this was done. No big deal. Now, the (atheist) girl wants her boyfriend’s [Read More...]

Catholic Google

You know how you want to search on the Internet… but you want your results to be Catholicized? Here’s the search engine for you: What is this “Catholic Google“? CatholicGoogle is a custom search engine powered by Google, just for Catholics. We strive to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn [Read More...]

Humanists Want Community, Too

Robin Shulman of the Washington Post has an article in today’s paper about how non-religious parents are trying to recreate a “church” environment (community, values, rituals) without the religious factor. They are not religious, so they don’t go to church. But they are searching for values and rituals with which to raise their children, as [Read More...]