Proposed Ad: ‘It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church’

This is the full-page ad the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to place in the New York Times: They’re looking for contributions to run the pricey $52,000 ad: If the response is enthusiastic enough, FFRF will book a full-page ad. If we don’t meet our $52,000 quota, we’ll go with a smaller ad. We can [Read More…]

Is Miley Cyrus an Atheist?

Singer Miley Cyrus tweeted this earlier today and, based on the responses to that message, her fans are going apeshit: The picture quotes Lawrence Krauss. Actually, those aren’t Krauss’ exact words. These are: The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left [Read More…]

Help Expand the Illini Freethought Library

The University of Illinois’ Secular Student Alliance is looking to expand their ever-growing freethought library and they could use some help: If you happen to have copies of any of the following books to spare, please consider donating them. Simply email us at for more information, or give what you can to the Freethought [Read More…]

If Only Our Internal Debates Went Like This…

(In response to this post.) [Read more…]

City Employees in Mansfield, Ohio Will Get Paid for Attending Church on Good Friday

The city of Mansfield, Ohio is offering Christian government employees a pretty sweet deal (PDF): On Good Friday, in addition to their lunch break, employees can take an extra hour to go to church. Oh, and they’ll still get paid for that time. The Mid Ohio Atheists point out that if every employee made only [Read More…]