I Sold My Soul For a Cookie

If you’re on campus at Texas Tech on Wednesday (a.k.a. International Blasphemy Day), you’re in for a treat if you stop by the table of the Secular Student Society near the library. All you have to do is sign over your soul and they’ll give you a cookie! Here’s an amusing thought: A Christian student [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Saskatoon!

Just in time for Blasphemy Day, the Saskatoon Freethinkers (Saskatchewan, Canada) are putting up their own bus ads this week! It’s a great billboard. It emphasizes that it’s not just disbelief in a god that binds rationalists. We also deny the existence of heaven, hell, Satan, and miracles. We don’t believe in Creationism, reincarnation, or [Read More...]

New Campus Atheist Group in Indiana: Christians Don’t Protest

There’s a new campus atheist group at Purdue University Calumet (in Indiana), and while the article about them in the school paper is nice, there’s something very odd about it. They quote Christian after Christian. In fact the whole second half of the piece is about how Christians aren’t protesting this group’s presence. Is that [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Struggling With an Impulsive Disrespect for Christians

Hi Richard, I’m on the state board of a high school student organization. As a vice-chair I was in charge of an icebreaker and we did a series of questions. As an avid reader and always on the look out for good books, one of the questions was “what is your favorite book?”. We had [Read More...]

Parents Television Council Goes After “Two and a Half Men”

I don’t know how much truth there is to this story (It comes from OneNewsNow, so take it with a grain of salt): In January, a study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC) found 94 advertisers for the CBS show Two and a Half Men. According to the PTC, the show features countless jokes [Read More...]