The Mohawk of Reason

Back in my day, campus atheist groups were lucky to get one big speaker to come to their school over the course of a year. Now, some college groups are putting on events like Skepticon and not even charging an entrance fee. It’s awe-inspiring how far they’ve come. Whenever these student-run conferences happen — and [Read More…]

Why Was There a Graduation Prayer at the University of Georgia in Athens?

For months now, the UGAtheists at the University of Georgia in Athens have been trying to stop sectarian prayers from being recited during a graduation ceremony this past December. Despite their best efforts, the university went ahead and made god a part of the graduation. Stephen Joiner, the public relations chair for UGAtheists, has the [Read More…]

A Chipotle Food Baby

This is quite possibly the most delicious meal ever created: The guacamole costs extra, though. (Thanks to Brian for the link!) [Read more…]

The Current Look of the Cranston High School West Prayer Banner

Remember the banner that used to be up at Cranston High School West? This is what it looks like today: I’d call that an improvement By the way, you can still donate to the Jessica Ahlquist Scholarship Fund: [Read more…]

Girl Scout Cookie Boycott Launched After Inclusion of Transgender Child

A 14-year-old former Girl Scout from California (identified as Taylor) created a YouTube video (which has since been made private) calling for a national boycott on the purchasing of Girl Scout cookies after a troop in Colorado recently admitted a transgender child. In the video, Taylor performs adorned with a silver cross and a sash [Read More…]