That’s One Way to Rebut Christopher Hitchens…

That is one strategically placed sticker. You win this round, clever Target employee… (Photo taken by Elizabeth S.) … (Update: For those who don’t get the joke, the book is called God is Not Great. The subtitle, How Religion Poisons Everything, might give away the author’s intent, but most people only notice the main title.) [Read More...]

Can’t Wait To Hear What the Science Department Has To Say

Math class descriptions at Castle Hills First Baptist School: Students will examine the nature of God as they progress in their understanding of mathematics. Students will understand the absolute consistency of mathematical principles and know that God was the inventor of that consistency. Because when you study triangles, you’re really just studying the Trinity. And [Read More...]

Let It All Out, Part 2

Yesterday, you were able to share what turned you off to Christianity. Here’s the flip side request from Bill: What are the good things that you’ve seen come out of Christianity? Again, don’t be evil. None of the “I have something to scream during sex” lines from you (Oh, you know who you are…). If [Read More...]

Jeff’s 12 Page Bible

This Week, Let’s Try A Reading From The Bible I Wrote Excuse me, Reverend Dave? Before we begin, I’d like to make a small suggestion. Now, I know we’re all anxious to find out what happens to Issac,… My favorite part: That’s why I set aside a good portion of last weekend and wrote an [Read More...]

Questions for Mike Jones

Mike Jones, the gay male escort who met with former pastor Ted Haggard, is on tour promoting his new book I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall. I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow morning. What questions would you like to ask him? ***Update: The interview is here*** [tags]atheist, atheism, Mike Jones, Ted [Read More...]