Atheist Bus Ads Hit Snag in Lucerne, Switzerland

The infamous (and original) atheist bus ad will be put up in Switzerland next month: It’ll be everywhere… except in the city of Lucerne. Reader Gavrilo translates (because Google didn’t do a good job of it): Rico de Bona, the person responsible for the infrastructure of the city, said, “Ads from an organization that motivates [Read More...]

A Review of The New Atheism by Victor Stenger

Today is the release date for Victor Stenger‘s new book The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason (Prometheus Books). Stenger previously authored the God: The Failed Hypothesis, the first-ever book released by Prometheus Books to make it onto the New York Times Bestsellers List. The new book is a history of atheism… [Read More...]

Insurance Company Loses Lawsuit After Discriminating Against Atheists

There are some lawsuits that could just as easily be decided on a coin toss and others that are so overwhelmingly one-sided that you wonder how the losers could’ve been so foolish in the first place. Here’s a story that falls into the latter category. GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company was offering a free service to [Read More...]

Atheists Stage a “Coming Out” March in Poland

On October 10th, atheists and agnostics in Poland will be staging a major march. The purpose is to “come out” — to show they exist and that they exist in big numbers. The information can be found here in Polish and here in translated English. There’s also a Facebook event page, again, in Polish and [Read More...]

How the U.S. Military is Convincing Muslims We’re On a Crusade

It’s not a surprise to those who follow the issue that the U.S. military has a history of trying to evangelize, convert, and proselytize to Muslims. Chris Rodda has compiled an extensively-researched list of the “Top Ten Ways to Convince the Muslims We’re On a Crusade.” Here are the main points (the details are on [Read More...]