Oh Dear God, They Found a Real Crocoduck

Ray Comfort doesn’t need to ask for a debate with Richard Dawkins anymore. The debate is already over. Comfort and banana-pal Kirk Cameron have lost. The Creationism proponents used to say that if evolution were true, we should expect to see a crocoduck (a crocodile/duck transitional form) in the fossil records: They said we haven’t [Read More...]

James Dobson Has Retired: The Best Lines?

James Dobson has stepped down from his role as Chairman of Focus on Your Family. Yippee…? I wish I could celebrate, but nothing’s really going to change. Dobson was FotF’s biggest asset but he was also their biggest liability. With him out of the picture, someone else will step up and spearhead the bigotry. So [Read More...]

Poll on Obama’s Church

Christianity Today has this poll up on its website regarding President Obama and the fact that he has not yet chosen a DC church to attend: I’d like to crash it, but all the choices make my head hurt… What fifth option do they need? [Read more...]

I Could Be a Follower If…

It’s definitely one way for atheists to follow Christ: Bad news for us: Jesus is already on Twitter. However, he stopped updating months ago. Not sure what that means… (via grrrl meets world) [Read more...]

Christian Group Responds to Atheist Bus Ad… and They Want Money

Remember the atheist bus ad that was put up by the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association? Well, there’s now a Christian response ad to it — similar to the ones put up in Britain: It reads “There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life.” But what’s that writing underneath? [Read More...]