nakedpastor: Church Then and Church Now

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Jesus H. Christ Explains Salvation

When Jesus explains salvation… well… it makes as much sense as when you read about it in the Bible: (via DerekJohnson5) [Read more…]

Is Christianity Good for American Politics? A Debate Between Susan Jacoby and Dinesh D’Souza

This is a long debate — with Q & A — but it’s definitely a worthwhile question: Leave the timestamp(s) in the comments if you notice any part we ought to take a close look at! [Read more…]

Why Don’t We Hear About Atheistic Graduation Speeches?

Edwin Kagin offers a graduation speech for atheists: We have tried to teach you the principals of reason, critical thinking, logical fallacy, ethical behavior, and the methods of science and evidence. We want you to know that there is a big difference between Righteousness and Self-Righteousness. We want you to know and understand the difference [Read More…]

Nova Scotia Teen in Trouble for Wearing ‘Life is Wasted Without Jesus’ Shirt

In Nova Scotia, Canada, Forest Heights Community School senior William Swinimer has been in hot water for a shirt he wore to school. The Vice Principal at the school told him it was offensive and he had to remove it because it was “hate talk.” Then, in true rebel fashion, Swinimer not only left it [Read More…]