This Atheist Display Looks Pretty Festive To Me

In Warren, Michigan, this is now the sight next to a controversial Nativity display on government property: [Read more…]

What Has Religion Done for Us This Month?

Daniel created a depressing-but-important montage of some of the awful things done in the name of God over the past month: [Read more…]

You Knew This Was Coming; Westboro Baptist Church Will Picket Site of School Shooting

It’s not surprising. We knew it was going to happen. Still, though, it’s absolutely infuriating because it takes focus off the victims and onto those who use the Bible to justify their bigotry: [Read more…]

Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/15)

Today’s Heathen Holiday Card comes from reader Erin Sameck! ¬†She sells super cute cards at her Etsy shop: Polka Stripes Studio.

There is quite a selection there, but here are my favorites! [Read more…]

Gun Confiscation: The Right-Wing Christian’s Worst Nightmare

One of the most common nightmare scenarios posited by popular radio/Internet personality Alex Jones is that the U.S. Federal Government, having been co-opted by a vast constellation of evil forces collectively known as the “New World Order,” will someday attempt to seize citizens’ firearms. This could occur imminently, Jones often warns; like legions of God-fearing, patriotic Americans, he’d view any such forcible confiscation as tantamount to an act of war — and quite possibly cause for open revolt. [Read more…]