This Story Is Missing Something…

It’s a really disturbing story… a little girl was playing with a rope in the back seat of her mother’s car while coming home from soccer practice. The rope, hanging out the window, got caught in the car’s axle… The girl’s hand was taken right off. Her mother, Allison Rix, was on the Today show [Read More...]

Just in Time for Halloween

I suppose it’s appropriately symbolic that Ben Stein‘s movie, Expelled, will be released on DVD just days before the “scariest night of the year”… (Thanks to Phil for the link!) [Read more...]

Here’s Another Church I Won’t Be Joining…

I guess I can’t join The Holy Church of Bacon. Damn vegetarianism. I guess I can just worship without eating it… Though I’ve taken a sneak peek inside the Church and discovered some shocking facts. Broccoli, for example, is the Anti-Bacon. And since the Large Hadron Collider is on hiatus until next spring, we’ll have [Read More...]

Would You Play the Religion Card for a Day Off Work?

Reader Julie has an interesting dilemma for you all: Here’s the deal. In previous years, teachers in my school district did not work on Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah. These were non-paid, non-assigned days. I heard that the reason we got these days off was that there were so many Jewish employees that it was [Read More...]

Thoughts on the Recent Mormon Posts

A while back, I stumbled onto Lindsey Kirth‘s blog and have remained a reader to this day. I think it’s far and away the most entertaining personal blog I read each day. I asked Lindsey to post on this site because I hoped some of her humor would translate to discussing religion. I had no [Read More...]