The Church-State Walls Breaks Down

Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader explains the breakdown of the wall of separation between church and state: [Read more...]

What Do Atheists Not Understand About Faith?

Wall0645 began this thread in the Forums and I’d like to continue it here: I often see atheists/evolutionists criticize Creationists for not bothering to actually understand what evolution says before criticizing it. This is a valid complaint. How can you criticize something without actually knowing what it is about? Is there anything you think atheists [Read More...]

Would You Allow Christians To Pray Over Your Baby?

There are plenty of reasons not to shop at Walmart. This one won’t be found in any documentary, though. Atheist Kelly went to get some groceries and other goods with her husband and baby LuLu in tow. While there, a lady walked right up to the couple and their 15-week-old child. After saying what a [Read More...]

Have You Ever Received an Atheism-Related Death Threat?

It’s ironic that during “Rationalist Week ’09″ sponsored by the Leeds University Atheist Society (in the United Kingdom), a student in the group received a death threat. It is said the student, who wished to remain anonymous, was threatened while patrolling outside the festival tent at night. The victim in question has decided not to [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Launched!

How much money do you give away? I am a due-paying member of several atheist (or atheist-friendly) groups. And in the case of a couple that mean a lot to me (the Secular Student Alliance and the Secular Coalition for America), I give more than that. But I’ll admit I don’t give very much to [Read More...]