Why Are the Muslims Sitting at a Separate Table?

For the second time in two days, there’s a story of interest to atheists happening in my ultra-local neck of the woods. At a middle school, a 7th grader saw something he found suspicious: Seventh-grader Ryan Vandewiel didn’t quite understand something during his lunch hour at Prairie View School in Tinley Park. Muslim students at [Read More...]

Selling a Soul on eBay… for real

Apparently someone decided to take Hemant’s idea one step further. Kristine Dias’ friend sold her immortal soul on eBay for $18.63, plus $.37 shipping and handling. (I guess that’s the standard postal rate for human souls these days.) Considering Hemant got over $500 bucks for his soul, I think she got ripped off. [Read more...]

Soldier’s Atheism Led to Threats

I’ve mentioned this on a number of occasions. But the story of Specialist Jeremy Hall made its way into The New York Times today. When Specialist Jeremy Hall held a meeting last July for atheists and freethinkers at Camp Speicher in Iraq, he was excited, he said, to see an officer attending. But minutes into [Read More...]

I’m Going to Heaven!

I just need one of you to sponsor me. I’m sure you may be wondering, ‘How is this possible?’ Well, to this day we are the ONLY official distributor of reservations into Heaven. We are directly affiliated and sent down by The Board of Heavenly Officials, the only governing body in Heaven, to offer you [Read More...]

Mixed Feelings

I haven’t contributed an article to Hemant’s blog for a long time because I’ve been kind of busy. Since I think I’m pretty much like most other atheists, I offer this account so people can understand how a non-believer handles the thoughts and feelings that come during a challenging time. I make no apologies nor [Read More...]