“Humanism” on Google Trends

Reader Dallas was playing around with Google Trends when he noticed something odd. Look what happens when you type in “Humanism“: To explain: The past few years, people have Google-searched for the term “Humanism” during the fall, winter, and spring. But not so much over the summer months. That doesn’t happen when you search for [Read More...]

Iowa Atheist Bus Ads To Go Back Up!

I’m at the Secular Student Alliance conference right now, and I have no real Internet access (thanks, iPhone!), but I did want to mention this: The atheist bus ads will go back up in Iowa! It’ll be the original version, so kudos to the Iowans for not budging on that: “By honoring the freedoms protected [Read More...]

In Defense of Polyamory

(Hemant’s note: This is a guest post from frequent commenter and forum admin JulietEcho. She is a polyamorist.) … As atheists, many of us have faced some level of negative reaction from those around us, on account of our deviation from our culture’s expected norms. I’ve found that atheists, in general, tend to support GLBT [Read More...]

Paul Kurtz on the Future of Secular Humanism

A couple months ago, some shit went down between Center for Inquiry founder (and father of Secular Humanism) Paul Kurtz and former CFI leader R. Joseph Hoffmann. Kurtz wrote an article on “The Future of Secular Humanism in America” in the latest issue of Free Inquiry. While discussing the three decades since the Council for [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Religious Relative Bugging Him about Attending Church

Dear Richard, While I am fairly open about my atheism around my friends and my apparently deist father, much of the older generation is devoutly Catholic. My grandparents know that I do not need church to be a good person, and have left the issue alone, but my great-aunt pressures me to come back to [Read More...]