Florida Atheists Told To Change Shirts Or Leave City Council Meeting

Recently, the Atheists of Florida decided to protest the Cape Coral City Council’s proposal to have invocations before meetings as well as putting up a Ten Commandments display in City Hall. They protested by making speeches and wearing shirts reading, “One Nation, Indivisible” on a flag background: AoF member Christine Richards said this about the [Read More...]

Two Videos To Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

You know how you’re full of Christmas cheer right now? Time to put a stop to that. First, a song talking about terrible, horrible things like homosexuality, diversity, and tolerance. You’re probably seething with rage right now. But this will make you feel alllllll better: Once again, true to form, Jesus saves the day in [Read More...]

Reason’s Greetings from Raleigh

The Triangle Freethought Society in North Carolina has a “Reason’s Greeting” billboard up in Raleigh (courtesy of FFRF and local donor Todd Stiefel)… which is really just an excuse to post this awesome picture “The Triangle Freethought Society chose this particular sign because it has a great message that works on many levels,” says Mark [Read More...]

Video of the Fort Worth Transit Authority Banning Religious/Atheist-Leaning Ads

I posted earlier about how the Fort Worth Transit Authority voted to ban all future theistic or atheistic advertising. Zachary Moore was at the board meeting and took this video: I haven’t had time to carefully listen to all of it, but I can direct you to the 15:52 mark where board member Reby Cary [Read More...]

Come Out, Speak Out, Keep Warm Out

A while back, I saw Amanda Metskas (executive director of Camp Quest) wearing an awesome scarf: Where did she get one of those? Well, she made it herself. (You can tell from the red strands in the picture that she wasn’t completely done with this one yet.) Now, those of you with knitting skills can [Read More...]