If the ‘Nones’ Are a Growing Demographic, Politicians Should Get to Work!

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An Internet Troll Explains Why He Loves Going After Atheists

Like a lot of other public atheists, I’m used to getting random emails, comments, and tweets from people wanting to challenge me on my atheism. I only respond to a small fraction of them — the people who I think are genuine, who probably wrote the message themselves (instead of copy/pasting it from some Christian website), and who seem to really want an answer.

Everybody else? I ignore them or delete their emails.

Brian Limond is one of those people I wouldn’t respond to in the first place. He just wrote a piece for The Guardian about how he’s an Internet Troll and proud of it. He’s one of those people who gets off on making otherwise decent people frustrated. He has nothing to contribute himself so he just tries to disrupt everyone else.

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BREAKING: Kyrsten Sinema Is Not an Atheist

Back in the summer, I put up a post about how Kyrsten Sinema was poised to win her Democratic primary in the race for Congress. At the time, I described her as a bisexual nontheist because, well, that’s what I had heard. [Read more…]

Humanist Community at Stanford Launches

As of today, the Humanist Community at Stanford is up and running with Chaplain John Figdor at its helm:

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Political Rainbows

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