It’s a Miracle!

He lost an arm and then grew a brand new one! My atheism. It’s crumbling right in front of me… [tags]atheist, atheism, The Onion[/tags] [Read more...]

Ironic Ad on Snopes

I was on earlier today checking out a random column about humorous Dear Abby columns (you know you want to read it). As I read it, an ad on the page (near the bottom of the image) made me do a double-take: How ironic (and sad) that, on a website that represents finding the [Read More...]

The Next Chicago Skeptic Party!

The next Chicagoland party will take place on Saturday night, April 26th at 7:30 p.m. Brought to you by Elyse at Skepchick: Galway Arms 2442 N Clark St Chicago, IL … Last month we had such a blast at Whiskey Road, I promised we would do this again (without the humiliating video games)! And now [Read More...]

Update on Atheist-Hating Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis

***UPDATE***: Video is below. Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis recently said to atheist Rob Sherman: “It’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy (atheism) exists!” The audio of the exchange was picked up and circulated, and the story (which was brought to the public’s eye by Chicago Tribune reporter Eric Zorn) has [Read More...]

About That Civics Textbook…

I posted yesterday about a widely-used high school Civics textbook that was filled with lies and/or egregious mistakes. An AP story about the textbook is now circulating all over the place. Publishers are already talking about changes: The publisher now says it will review the book, as will the College Board, which oversees college-level Advanced [Read More...]