Neat Science Tricks to Try Out on Your Family

If you’re with the family today, Richard Wiseman just released his latest collection of quirky science tricks you can do to impress and amuse those around you: [Read more…]

An Atheist During Thanksgiving Grace

What should atheists do at the dinner table while everyone else is bowing their heads for a Thanksgiving prayer? Jeffrey Weston explores some options in Ape, Not Monkey: The full strip is here. I’m partial to the fourth panel [Read more…]

An Update on GelatoGate

One more update from Andy, the owner of Gelato Mio: Via our email exchanges, he’s told me he’s very grateful for the forgiveness he’s seen from many atheists. I told him not to let the ones holding grudges get to him. Three of the people behind Skepticon (Organizers Kayley Olson and Micah Weiss are in [Read More…]

Why the Camp Pendleton Cross Needs to Come Down

A group of “Iraq War veterans and two Marine widows” recently erected a 13-foot cross to honor friends who lost their lives in battle. If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I might think the cross was excessive — my god’s dick is bigger than yours — but I wouldn’t [Read More…]

Superstitious Christian Worker Sues Because Workplace Made Him Wear a ‘666’ Sticker

How much should an employer have to budge when it comes to respecting a worker’s religious beliefs? Whatever the answer is, this story gets out of hand from both directions. Pliant Corp. has its workers wear stickers showing how many days it’s been since the last accident. One day, it approached Day 666… You can [Read More…]