Illinois’ Moment of Silence is Back

It used to be the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act — a mandatory moment of silence that was really a way to sneak forced prayer into Illinois public schools. After atheist high school student Dawn Sherman successfully filed a lawsuit against the Act, it was changed to the Student Silent Reflection Act. Not mandatory [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Indiana?

If you’re in the Bloomington, Indiana area and you’d like to see atheist buses in your area, there’s a meeting this Friday night to discuss how to make this happen! … We want to put an slogan that will present the positive face of atheism while encouraging discussion about the topic on public transit. This [Read More...]

Readers and Their Pictures with Celebrities

I asked for your pics with celebrities last week and you responded in droves. (I couldn’t even use all the submissions!) Some of my favorite pics are after the jump. … [Read more...]

There ARE Atheist Checks!

Well, maybe not “atheist” checks… but certainly ones atheists would enjoy That one comes courtesy of Ashley‘s friend. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I know what to do next time I need a refill… [Read more...]

All Your Religions Are False

All the religions are false, says Joel Grus. He spoke about damn near every religion — including Jedi-ism, Messianic Judaism, and Singularitarianism — at the recent BIL (Benevolence. Illuminating. Logic.) conference in Long Beach, CA. He likes Joel Osteen, too The talk is hilarious. Enjoy! (Thanks to Lexi, the speaker wrangler for BIL, for the [Read More...]