Exposure to Atheists Matters

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … This was a fascinating and eye-opening chart from Gallup: There are other findings on the site, but the implications are consistent: when people spend time around gays or lesbians, they’re more comfortable around [Read More...]

District Court Rules on a Graduation Speech About Jesus

In 2006, Erica Corder was named valedictorian at Lewis-Palmer High School near Colorado Springs, CO. She was one of 15 valedictorians (which I say defeats the whole purpose of the title). Because of the number of top-ranked students, it was decided that all of them would give a 30-second speech at graduation. The principal would [Read More...]

Disney PIXAR’s Up Scares the Conservative Christians

Pastor Deacon Fred has seen Disney PIXAR’s Up and he doesn’t like it one bit: If the sight of an old man with balloons in a confined space, alone with a little boy doesn’t raise every anointed hair on your Godly neck, then you need to check yourself into a Baptist Mental Hospital!… … As [Read More...]

“Good Without God” Essay Contest

The United Coalition of Reason is sponsoring an essay contest that could earn you $1,000. What do you have to do? Please tell us your personal story, in 500 words or less: what does it mean for you to be Good Without God? How do you live out your positive values as a Humanist, atheist, [Read More...]

Magic Center Dwight Howard Knows Why His Team is in the NBA Finals

God loves the Orlando Magic, says center Dwight Howard. Again. Or to put it another way, God hates the LA Lakers. And LeBron James. Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com is tired of Howard’s Godtalk: Why, Howard was asked, should the Orlando Magic be picked by the media or others to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers? “God,” [Read More...]