An Exclusive Excerpt from Chris Stedman’s Book Faitheist

Chris Stedman is an atheist.

He works with the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University, where he is the Assistant Humanist Chaplain, and blogs at NonProphet Status.

And he’s the subject of a hell of a lot of negative blogposts… mostly because he believes strongly in the interfaith movement and that atheists ought to participate in it — and that the kind of “New Atheism” that tears down and mocks religion without offering anything in its place is bad for our movement as a whole. (I know, I know, how dare he suggest we find common ground with religious people without compromising our own values? Criticize ideas instead of people?! Ridiculous.) [Read more…]

Atheist Pete Stark Loses His Seat in Congress; Atheist Kyrsten Sinema’s Race is Too Close to Call

The first open atheist in Congress just lost the seat he has held for nearly four decades.

Pete Stark
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Florida’s Amendment 8, Which Would Allow Taxpayer Money to Go to Churches, Is Defeated

Amendment 8 in Florida — euphemistically known as the Florida Religious Freedom Amendment — would have allowed taxpayer money to go to religious schools and houses of worship. Which, in the eyes of church/state separation advocates, would be an awful thing:

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Preaching at the Polls

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Spain Court Upholds Gay Marriage Law

Congrats to Spain, where a court has upheld a law allowing same-sex marriage!

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