Conversation Snippet

Me: Dad, I’m going out of town next weekend to an atheist conference. Dad: More atheist stuff?! Always the atheists… Me: Yep. And I’m going to Canada next month to talk about the book. Dad: Just quit all your atheism stuff. Me: You’re right. I’ll quit tomorrow. Dad: And what’s this book that came in [Read More...]

That’s Not Right…

I was hesitant about linking to this webcomic… I mean, it features a dead baby. And Jesus. And God — All three of them together. Like a warped Holy Trinity. But really, how often do you see that? So I’m obligated. (Umm… Blame Cade for sending the link.) Actually, the first few panels make the [Read More...]

Barack Obama Quits Church

Barack Obama officially resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ, the former home of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. From ABCNews: Sources tell ABC News that Obama felt that as the campaign continued, the media would continue to focus on the church, to the detriment of the church community, that Obama would be held responsible for what [Read More...]

What Do They Say About Imitation and Flattery?

This guy’s trying to be me… It’s not like “selling one’s soul” is an original idea, but he’s essentially using the same rules I set up! (Emphasis below is his, not mine) The auction will work like this: 1. For every $10 accumulated I will spend one hour in a church of the winners selected [Read More...]

How Original is Christianity?

Anangel13 says its all been done before: [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]