Celebrate Charles Darwin’s Birthday in Rhode Island

There will be celebrations all over the place to mark Charles Darwin‘s 200th birthday. But this one in Rhode Island (PDF) looks like it’ll be a blast. It’s sponsored by Charlie’s Playhouse and it’ll take place in the city of Pawtucket (a mecca for any Family Guy fan) on February 15th. What are you doing [Read More...]

Wonder Bread Baby

I swear, this exact child has appeared in other costumes before… I must find his parents. And thank them. (via MyConfinedSpace) [Read more...]

One Month Left To Apply for American Atheists Scholarship

If you’re a high school or college atheist, you have a month left to apply for the $2,000 Founders’ Scholarship from American Atheists. Definitely worth pursuing if your atheist identity is a big part of your life! [Read more...]

What I’d Like To Be Doing

If I didn’t have a grad school midterm tomorrow, I’d be doing this right now: When was the last time you were that happy? (via Kottke) [Read more...]

Do We Have an Atheist Senator?!

A couple months ago, I wrote about how, if atheists couldn’t get elected to public office, perhaps they could be appointed. It seems that may have already happened. Ted Kaufman (pictured above) is now the junior Senator from Delaware, replacing Vice President Joe Biden.. The New York Times hints at his potentially non-religious viewpoint: In [Read More...]