An Oklahoma Lawmaker Makes News – In a Good Way

My home state, Oklahoma, has a reputation for producing inept legislators. Last month, Sen. Ralph Shortey tried to ban aborted fetuses from our food (you know, just in case). Rep. Sally Kern declared in 2008 that “no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades” — and that’s [Read More…]

Working on an Interfaith Project? Then Leave God at the Door

Here’s something that gets repeated a lot: Even though atheists fight against religion, there are plenty of opportunities to work with religious people toward common goals. Here’s something you don’t hear a lot, courtesy of Luke Gyure at WWJTD: Here’s the answer is to what theists and atheists can do together: secular work. If you’re [Read More…]

U.S. Army Major Wants Dog Tag to Say ‘Humanist’; Military Says No

U.S Army Major Ray Bradley calls himself a Humanist. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we know that’s not synonymous with “atheist.” It’s atheism + ethics. It’s what you’re for instead of what you’re against. And people who use the “Humanism” label feel it’s a more thorough description of who they are — atheist just [Read More…]

When Brother Jed Visits, Atheists Get the Last Laugh

When Brother Jed comes to your campus to preach his message of bigotry and hate, the best way to respond is to turn the attention away from him and onto you, and that’s what the Secular Student Alliance at Texas State University did yesterday: The Secular Student Alliance showed up in force brandishing signs reading [Read More…]

The Least Offensive Atheist Billboard Ever?

With our own Richard Wade providing the inspiration, Justin Vacula is one step closer to putting up what may be the Least Offensive (But-I’m-Sure-Someone-Will-Still-Complain) Atheist Bus Ad Ever: Just one word. And yet, someone in Scranton, Pennsylvania is bound to get all huffy about it. “Various ads placed by atheists on billboards, buses, and elsewhere [Read More…]