The Power of De-Baptisms

Yesterday, I mentioned an article about atheist communities that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. The reporter, G. Jeffrey MacDonald, has also written a side piece about atheist “de-baptism ceremonies.” (I’m mentioned in it.) A lot is made of the notion that the atheist de-baptisms “mock” Christians — that’s not really what they’re about. For [Read More...]

Chuck Norris Takes on FFRF

The House approved engraving “In God We Trust” in the Capitol Visitors Center. The bill has not yet been voted on in the Senate. The bill passed in the Senate with “Unanimous Consent.” The House voted 410-8 in favor of it. (12 people abstained and 2 voted “present.”) Who was brave enough to vote against [Read More...]

Purity Ring-Tone?

If you want to pledge your virginity-until-marriage, there’s an app for that. The application has a pre-recorded pledge for both genders that the user must accept before being able to display their ring on a loop. … “We are preaching to the converted, and we’re going for people who wouldn’t buy a ring. The app [Read More...]

101 Damnations

Looks like there are currently 101 people signed up with the Secular Student Alliance to join PZ Myers on a tour through the Creation Museum! All the info is here if you’d like to join us! [Read more...]

Atheist Communities Growing

There was a nice article yesterday about atheist communities in the Christian Science Monitor by G. Jeffrey Macdonald. There’s nothing in it particularly newsworthy to atheists who read the blogs, but there are some decent quotations and some news for people outside the movement: The ranks of nonbelievers are on the rise, research suggests, and [Read More...]