Fuji Minx Video Gets Banned from YouTube

YouTube has once again censored a video without a good explanation. It sounds to me like a few people were offended by the content and wanted to make sure no one else could see it either. This time, the victim is the video for the song “The Music Made Me Do it” by the band [Read More...]

What I Teach My Students

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins has it out for me again and I responded. Now, Americans for “Truth” About Homosexuality is piggybacking on her cause. Of course, Higgins is correct about Hemant Mehta, a supposedly “Friendly Atheist” blogger and high school math teacher who not only can’t seem to understand the difference between “hate [Read More...]

Write a Review of The Bible (As If It Just Came Out Today)

Here’s an interesting thread in the Friendly Atheist Forums: Write a book review of the Bible as if it’s never been published before. xpastor wrote this entertaining review: We’re told nothing about the authors. Internal evidence — chiefly the pictures of young men with wavy shoulder-length hair and beards — suggests that it may be [Read More...]

How Would YouTube Commenters React to Jesus?

What would happen if you took the Sermon on the Mount… … and put it on YouTube? Go here to find out. This is why I never bother reading YouTube comments… (Thanks to J B for the link!) [Read more...]

She Had an Atheist Wedding

My friend Maressa Brown has a wonderful story at Lemondrop about how an atheist named Jaclyn Johnston got married and left god out of the proceedings. Jaclyn tells her story to Maressa like this: When I got married this past weekend, there was no mention of God, faith or heaven. My husband and I were [Read More...]