Christian Company Receives Brilliant Smackdown from a Polite Atheist

Dale McGowan‘s working on a website for Foundation Beyond Belief, an organization that will focus on humanist generosity and allow for charitable giving from atheists. One web design firm Dale looked into sent him this letter in response to his inquiry: Hi Dale, I appreciate the time you took to fill out our website questionnaire. [Read More...]

Brad Pitt Is an Atheist! Kind of…

Looks like semi-atheist Angelina Jolie finally put her feminine wiles to some good use. Brad Pitt recently made the following comments about religion to BILD (a German newspaper): BILD: Do you believe in God? Brad Pitt (smiling): “No, no, no!” BILD: Is your soul spiritual? Brad Pitt: “No, no, no! I’m probably 20 per cent [Read More...]

Why is the Discovery Channel Promoting the Creation Museum?

I thought this was a promotional piece for an episode of MythBusters. It’s not. Discovery Channel ran an ad for the Creation Museum. Or to put it another way: A science channel ran an ad that said the programming on that channel tells you lies. Daniel Florien explains: Recently, one of our readers was watching [Read More...]

Do-It-Yourself God Billboards

You’ve seen those God billboards before, right? Now, you can make your own. I like this one: This is pretty good, too If you come up with anything good, comment away! (Thanks to Adam for the link!) [Read more...]

Be More Like Jesus…?

It made me laugh. And that’s why I’m going to non-existent Hell. If you can read the first comment on that website with a straight face and make sense of it, you get bonus points. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]