The Golden Compass vs. The Holy Bible

Landover Baptist Church doesn’t want you to see The Golden Compass. And they have good reason for it: Not only is the film full of cute, enticing, furry animals with mouths like horny sailors on leave in a Shanghai red light district, it exposes youngsters to alarming viewpoints that are anti-religious right, anti-morality, and anti-(just [Read More...]

Proving God with the Help of Two Coke Cans

Dave is putting God to the test. Which Christians would say is a big no-no. But hear him out on this… Dave is an atheist. He says he’ll believe in God if he sees a miracle: Burning bushes, disembodied hands writing on the wall, talking donkeys, water into wine – there are any number of [Read More...]

Shocker: Mitt Romney Gets It Wrong

Mitt Romney gave his speech on faith today and, not surprisingly, he got the state/church separation angle completely wrong: We separate church and state affairs in this country, and for good reason. No religion should dictate to the state nor should the state interfere with the free practice of religion. But in recent years, the [Read More...]

The Golden Compass, Reviewed by a Catholic and an Atheist

Thank you, BBC. First, Catholic Igor Toronyi-Lalic‘s take on The Golden Compass: I didn’t find The Golden Compass offensive at all. … The main message was so convoluted, there was no serious atheistic content, and it didn’t seem obvious that they [the Magisterium] were religious in a way that I understand it. … There’s no [Read More...]

I Heart Jessica Hagy, Part 9382523

Jessica Hagy adds political cartoons to her repertoire [tags]atheist, atheism, abstinence only sex education, Republican[/tags] [Read more...]