Daniel Dennett on Secretly-Atheist Religious Leaders

In a piece for the Washington Post‘s On Faith site, Daniel Dennett wrote about religious leaders who had a secret (emphases mine): I get mail all the time from religious leaders who admit to me in private that they do not believe in God but think that the best way to continue their lives is [Read More...]

How Did an Anti-Gambling Christian Pastor Wind Up on Wheel of Fortune’s Casino Week?

Read all about it here! Unfortunately, we won’t find out how he did until the show’s airing on September 17th. [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, Wheel of Fortune[/tags] [Read more...]

Wiccan Wins Lottery

The $330,000,000 jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery game had four winning tickets over the weekend. One of them was held by a Wiccan (Emphases mine): Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett says a New Age book store made it possible for him to become an overnight multimillionaire. He and his wife, Denise, were on their way to [Read More...]

How Long Does the Deconversion Take?

My friend, August Berkshire, was mentioned in an article in Minnesota’s The Free Press newspaper. The article talks about the cliché that you “find God” suddenly, maybe in a moment of difficulty, and you have “one of those a-ha moments.” August says that it’s not quite the same for atheists: But when someone decides to [Read More...]

Community Pastafarian Blog

You’re all invited to contribute to the (currently experimental) Flying Spaghetti Monster blog! All you have to do is register (on the right side of the page) to post your thoughts. Just remember to follow the ground rules. [tags]atheist, atheism, Pastafarian, FSM[/tags] [Read more...]