The OUT Campaign Jigsaw Puzzle

I love this picture, courtesy of brexians: What it really needs is a good promotional caption. Something like “The OUT Campaign: We need all of you to come out to complete the atheist tapestry.” Or something far less cheesy. You get the idea. Who are the marketing gurus out there? What can you come up [Read More...]

Mainline Clergy Support Church/State Separation

The 2008 Clergy Voices Survey involved surveying senior clergy from the seven largest Mainline denominations of Christianity — United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, American Baptist Churches USA, Presbyterian Church USA, Episcopal Church, United Church of Christ, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) — on a variety of issues. The findings are not [Read More...]

Is the Tooth Fairy Like God?

Soren is a six-year-old boy who didn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy (“What would a fairy do with all those teeth anyway?” he asked). But once he discovered there was an exchange of money for his baby teeth, he bought into the fiction completely. Here, we have a story that is obviously irrational, but once [Read More...]

Backlash Against the Charlotte Allen Anti-Atheist Piece in the LA Times: Part 4

The LA Times published Charlotte Allen’s anti-atheist rant last Sunday. Yesterday, editorial writer Jon Healey tried to defend the paper’s decision to run the piece. He failed. Allen isn’t the first to take the gloves off, or to use hyperbole as a way to get readers to sharpen the edges of an issue. Although we’re [Read More...]

Neumann Guilty of Second-Degree Reckless Homicide

Not that there’s any good news to be found when a young girl dies because of her parents’ religion, but at least a bit of justice has been served on behalf of Madeline Kara Neumann. Her mother was found guilty of second-degree reckless homicide. The crime is punishable by up to 25 years in prison. [Read More...]