Don’t Fear the Reaper

Jeff Stahler tells the truth in his comic strip Moderately Confused: Reader Dan, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, adds: The cartoonist is local. It’s surprising to see something like this in a town as preachy and Jesus-y as C’bus. Maybe I’m not the only godless infidel in town after all! (Dan, you live near the [Read More...]

From a Former Benilde-St. Margaret’s School Student

I posted a story yesterday about Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. High school senior Sean Simonson had written an article about the difficulty of life as a gay teen — it was published on the paper’s website, but then removed by administration because the comments were creating an “unsafe environment” for children. (They could’ve just [Read More...]

Can You Be a Skeptic Without Being an Atheist?

One of these days, I want to start a blogosphere flame war. Maybe I’ll accuse PZ Myers of being a secret evangelical or something. Until then, I’ll watch this one from a distance. JT Eberhard is organizing Skepticon 3 this weekend in Springfield, Missouri. (If it wasn’t for the big Speech Team tournament this weekend, [Read More...]

Should Atheists Start Breeding Like Crazy?

We’re being outbred. Big time. Here’s a serious problem with that theory: today’s strongly religious people tend to have a relatively large number of children, whereas secularists increasingly have few, if they have them at all. If you believe in evolution (and what secularist doesn’t?), then you have to take this thoroughly naturalistic explanation for [Read More...]

Catholic School Censors Newspaper Article by Gay Teenager

High school senior Sean Simonson wrote an article about the difficulty of life as a gay teen for the student newspaper at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. The piece was also published on the paper’s website… but after people started to comment on it, the administration couldn’t deal with it and removed the piece from [Read More...]