What Happens If You Don’t Respond to Someone’s Sneeze?

As if you needed another website to get addicted to. This one is called (The Customer Is) Not Always Right and it’s full of hilarious conversations between employees and their customers. In the following conversation, the customer service person (“Me”) is talking to one disturbed caller (“Customer”)…: Me: “All right, just a moment here while [Read More...]

Information Age Prayer

Poe’s Law in action? You decide: You know how God only listens to your prayers at certain times of the day? In case you have a habit of waking up late, you can pay this website to deliver your prayer to God at the correct time of day. He’ll also take care of you if [Read More...]

Cheesus Crust Pizza

I gotta say: This is the least blasphemous piece of blasphemy I’ve seen in a long time: Cheesallujah to you all! There’s even a Facebook group for the pizza. (Thanks to Margot for the link!) [Read more...]

Friday is Atheist Pride Day!

It’s a simple and powerful way to show your atheist pride. This Friday, all you have to do is change your Facebook profile picture to the following: And change your status to something like “I am an atheist” (or whatever). That’s it! For most of us, it’s a chance to show some atheist pride. For [Read More...]

Hitchens Versus the Christians

The Christian Book Expo is a major event for those in the Christian book industry. It’s taking place this weekend in Dallas, Texas. Of the several panel discussions taking place, here’s one that seems pretty well-balanced: Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does It Make? … The New Atheists usually make two [Read More...]