Godless Harry Potter

Time magazine has a short article this week that describes just how “radical” the Harry Potter books are when compared to similar series in the fantasy genre: In The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien fused his ardent Catholicism with a deep, nostalgic love for the unspoiled English landscape. C.S. Lewis was a devout Anglican [Read More...]

Atheist Tactics Debate Tonight!

Chris Hallquist and I will be appearing on The Debate Hour online radio show tonight at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) to discuss various atheist tactics. The show is live and listeners are welcome to call in with questions! More information is here. [tags]atheist, atheism, God, Chris Hallquist, The Debate Hour, The Infidel Guy, Reginald Finley[/tags] [Read more...]

Friday the 13th

There’s a tradition for some college (and adult) atheist groups on Friday the 13th. They will hold an event called a “Superstition Bash.” The groups will get a table and sit in a public area. Their purpose is to show we shouldn’t give much thought to silly superstitions. Maybe there’s a ladder nearby that you [Read More...]

Video of Hindu Invocation

I wrote about a Hindu man who was delivering the opening prayer in the US Senate this morning– and the Christian Right’s reaction to it. Here’s video of the event (via Talking Points Memo): Man… I feel bad for Rajan Zed. He looked so flustered! Those protesters were “three activists from the Christian Right anti-abortion [Read More...]

Atheist Podcasts

Right now, I download the following atheistically-themed podcasts: Point of Inquiry Minnesota Atheists Freethought Radio Humanist Network News Skepticality Are there other similar podcasts I’m missing out on? [Read more...]