Ask Richard: Atheist Being Included in Religious Discussions at Work

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I live in the heart of the Bible belt and have recently come out about my lack of beliefs. It has been quite the shock for my Christian family, friends and co-workers. Thankfully my co-workers have been the least judgmental of all. My [Read More…]

One More Eulogy for Hitch

I missed this tribute a few days ago but I liked it too much not to share: (via Robert Forrey) [Read more…]

Amy Koch’s Next Press Conference?

The story in a nutshell: A Republican state senator from Minnesota, Amy Koch, resigned from her leadership position after allegations surfaced of an “inappropriate relationship” she had with a staffer. Koch is married (with one child) and had tried, unsuccessfully, to pass a bill that said “a marriage between a man and a woman is [Read More…]

Get the Tissues Ready…

If you’re having a great day today, let’s put a stop to that. Read these beautiful pieces (edited by the people behind “This American Life”) about a handful of people who died this year and whose stories may not be very well-known. The one about Richard Geller really gets to me for obvious reasons. [Read more…]

Merry Nothing

From the comic strip Bizarro by Dan Piraro. [Read more…]