Put a Pastor in a Box?

I’m sure some atheists will find joy in this… Pastor Ben Dailey at Calvary Church in Texas wants to boost his attendance, so he’s making an offer: If Calvary Church breaks the 4,000 attendance barrier Sunday, April 12th and Sunday, April 19th Ben will sacrifice all the comforts of common daily life, make his way [Read More...]

For the College Atheist Groups Out There

If your group is affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance, we have a logo you can add to your website! (If you’re not affiliated, you can always join for free here.) And there are plenty more logos where that one came from. (via Secular Student Alliance) [Read more...]

When Children Become Christians, Should They Proselytize to Their Parents?

Last week, I mentioned newly-atheist parents who have still-religious children. Reader Jon informed me of a slightly different situation his girlfriend is experiencing: She is 47 and has been an atheist her whole life. Her daughter is 26 and is a born again Christian. She constantly pressures her mother to convert. There is no chance [Read More...]

If You Can Say God Might Not Exist, Then Why Can’t I Say This?

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry isn’t a fan of the atheist bus ads he sees in his city. He’s in favor of the rebuttal advertising that’s now on Calgary buses (“God cares for everyone… even for those who say He doesn’t exist!”) but I think this is the money quotation: “If you can say that God [Read More...]

Does Satan Exist? No. Debate Over.

I watched this last night. It was painful. Nightline brought together four people — all of whom believe in the supernatural — to debate the existence of Satan. Because apparently, that needs to be debated… Here’s all you need to know about the event: Representing the “rational” side was… Deepak Chopra. I’d say everybody lost. [Read More...]