Louisiana High School Allows Students to Pray Over Loudspeaker at Football Games

At Iota High School in Louisiana, students and parents and athletes and local residents have no idea what the law is when it comes to prayer at football games.

The law is simple: The school cannot sponsor prayer. Neither can anyone representing the school.

Last month, however, a priest gave an invocation before a football game and no one said anything about it. That’s illegal and Superintendent John Bourque knew it, which is why he later urged everyone to let student volunteers lead the prayers instead: [Read more…]

Do You Have Friends Who Live In Washington State?

We are on the verge of making history in Washington State. Do you want to see the freedom to marry extended to all loving & committed gay and lesbian couples in Washington State?

Then please follow this link! [Read more…]

A Church’s Billboard Gives Atheists a Second Chance for Publicity

Here’s a simple question: Why do atheist groups put up billboards?

Here’s a simple answer that no one seems to get: Because they get attention. They get press coverage. They get people talking about atheism and religion and the local groups.

So if Christians *really* wanted atheist groups to stop putting up the billboards, all they’d have to do is stop paying attention to them.

Thankfully, that’s not happening. [Read more…]

Atheist Plans to Run Marathon to Raise Money for Hurricane Victims

Before the New York City Marathon was cancelled, Julia Burke, a contributor to the website Atheist Hobos, knew she couldn’t run it in good conscience: [Read more…]

Eschaton 2012: The Best of Times, The End of Times

The Ottawa Centre for Inquiry is hosting a conference at the end of this month called Eschaton 2012: Celebrating Reason at the End of the World: [Read more…]