Can We Have Government Without Faith?

(I posted this a couple days ago, but it was accidentally deleted, so I wanted to put it back up.) It’s from a theist who had a question he wanted to pose to readers. He seems sincere about wanted answers so I don’t mind putting it up here. I have a question to pose to [Read More...]

Interview Questions for Eugenie Scott

As the Atheist Alliance International conference draws closer, I will be interviewing a number of the speakers/presenters for this website and elsewhere. One interview will be conducted with Eugenie Scott. Scott is the Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education and one of the most vocal opponents to Intelligent Design. She is often [Read More...]

It Looks Just Like Me!

Kind of… Go here to make your own! (via Sandwalk) [Read more...]

Shesus Khrist

Umm… good thing no one gets easily offended on this site: That’s the cover of Remy Ma‘s new mixtape. The commenters at her MySpace seem to like it. The art is by Miami Kaos. (via Rants and Raves of a Black Skeptic) [Read more...]

Atheists Worship Athena, Right?

Thad Guy explains it all: [Read more...]