Blogging the Bible

David Plotz at Slate finally finished his quest to blog the Bible. He said this about what he was doing last September: My goal is pretty simple. I want to find out what happens when an ignorant person actually reads the book on which his religion is based. Not a bad idea. Plotz is Jewish, [Read More...]

Losing a Job on Religious Grounds

ChooseDoubt says he got fired because of his atheist views. His details are vague (he says he can’t go into detail for legal reasons), but if the story is true the way it’s described, it would be awful. And so very illegal. I recently lost my job. I was forced out – fired – ostensibly [Read More...]

How Well Are the Atheist Books Selling?

Publishers Weekly has an article discussing how books about atheism are in vogue. There’s nothing you haven’t heard before in the article, but I did think it was interesting to see how all these books have been selling. The numbers aren’t exact (they’re lower than the actual amounts), but they give you a good estimate [Read More...]

My Phil Plait Story

***UPDATE: Phil’s my friend now! Yay!*** I got an email the other day that said I have a new Facebook friend. But it wasn’t a random person… it was Phil Plait, the excellent blogger at Bad Astronomy! This was very exciting. As far as science bloggers go, Phil’s at the top of the pack. He [Read More...]

Testing Google AdSense

I’m testing out Google AdSense. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t, it just requires some minor scrolling to get to the latest posting. Thanks for bearing with me. Any suggestions as to how to make it better or more useful (for me, anyway) would be helpful. [Read More...]