Great Night with One More to Go

Last night was a blast. Barack was excellent. I hope to see Lori Lipman Brown on The Colbert Report tonight. I’ll give an update on the Kay Hagan fundraising drive later today. But first, I need to focus on wrapping up the first week of classes at my high school. My new students have been [Read More...]

The Rick Warren Magazine

What would happen if Pastor Rick Warren, fresh off his moderating of the Jesustastic Presidential Civil Forum, were given his own magazine? It might look something like this: Laugh all you want. It may not be long before you see Purpose — Pastor Rick Warren‘s actual proposed new magazine — on your bookshelves. A test-issue [Read More...]

Watching the Obama Speech

If this posts correctly, then as you read this, I’ll be at a party in the suburbs of Chicago watching Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech to be the first African-American (Halfrican-American?) presidential candidate from a major political party. And I’ll be thrilled. Since Lori Lipman Brown is not appearing on The Colbert Report tonight, [Read More...]

The Colbert Report Segment Postponed

I know everyone was excited about watching the Secular Coalition for America‘s Lori Lipman Brown appear on The Colbert Report tonight. Some bad news: The broadcast of her interview has been postponed. It looks like it will be airing tomorrow night (in a first-ever Friday night broadcast). Not sure what the reason for the “Colbert [Read More...]

Conversation with a Student

Last year, it was a few months before my students found out about my book. This year, it took two days. I’ve already had this conversation: Student: I bought your book on Amazon! Do you get any money for that? Me: Well, yeah, I do get royalties. Student: Do you get royalties if I bought [Read More...]