The Atheist’s Bible

Nullifidian must have a direct line to the Atheist God because he has the most recent edition of The Atheist Bible (PDF). With a cover like this, how can you not like it? It’s short (10 pages) and to the point (3 Populations evolve). I like this excerpt: 2 Don’t be a dick, 3 try [Read More...]

It Was Bound To Happen

I was waiting for someone to wrongly contact me about the Snapple case (Someone with the same name as me filed an idiotic lawsuit against them). And it hadn’t happened… until today. Here’s the letter I received this morning from a French reporter: Dear Sir, I am contacting you today in regards to a possible [Read More...]

It’s Phonetic!

A voicemail came in over the weekend to the Secular Student Alliance (an organization I chair). It was a sweet gesture. A loving one, really. I mean, the man says “God bless you” toward the end… Have a listen (wav). Here’s what bothers me. How on Earth can this guy butcher my name that badly?! [Read More...]

Closing the Gates to Hell

A five-year-old kid’s name is Max Hell. His dad’s name is Alex Hell. The surname has an Austrian origin. Alex says the name means “bright.” Now, the Hells are feeling the heat. According to Yahoo! News, Max was “barred from enrolling in a Catholic school in Australia because his surname jarred with its religious teachings…” [Read More...]

Wheel of Misfortune

Saint Gasoline is my hero: [tags]atheist, atheism, science, evolution, creationism[/tags] [Read more...]