An Atheist/Christian Forest Restoration Project

The last time I mentioned the UGAtheists (University of Georgia), they were celebrating “Stone a Heathen Day.” This time, they’re making news for doing something that even Christians can appreciate: Uprooting shrubs to make space for healthier plants. Uprooting stereotypes to make space for healthier relationships. Christian and atheist students are aiming to do both [Read More...]

Help Foundation Beyond Belief Finish the Year Strong

Behind the scenes at Foundation Beyond Belief, we’ve had a lot of discussion about how to make our organization better. We know what you all have said in the past (especially regarding outreach to charities that may be religious in nature) and we’re taking steps to address those issues in a way that will make [Read More...]

Can’t Christians Just Admit Anne Frank is in Hell?

Christian Rachel Held Evans asked a simple question on her site — one that’s been bugging her since childhood: “Did Anne Frank go to hell?“ This was the question that first drew my attention to a little crack in the Christian worldview wall, back when I was just twelve or thirteen years old. That crack [Read More...]

A Gay Teenager Stands Up for His Suspended Teacher

You may have already heard the story about Graeme Taylor, but it deserves to be spread. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Howell High teacher Jay McDowell had been suspended without pay “for two days for asking a student to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle and for ejecting two students from class after a heated exchange [Read More...]

Atheists in Austin Adopted a Highway, Too!

The Atheist Longhorns at the University of Texas at Austin adopted a street last year. I just found out the Atheist Community of Austin adopted a street of their own, too! They did it a while ago, but it’s still going on to this day: This is only one of their two adopted streets. That [Read More...]