So *That’s* How You Do Science…

Scott Welty recently visited the Fermi National Laboratory (not far from Chicago) to sit in on a couple of presentations and he was shocked by what he saw: Actual science! … here’s what I observed: Calm and logical presentations Polite and attentive audience An almost crushing critical eye on their own data (more on this) [Read More…]

FFRF Runs Full-Page ‘Quit the Catholic Church’ Ad in Today’s New York Times

If you open up today’s New York Times, you should be seeing this full-page ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation: “As a member of the ‘flock’ of an avowedly antidemocratic Old Boys Club, isn’t it time you vote with your feet? Please, exit en Mass,” requests the ad, signed by FFRF Co-Presidents Annie Laurie [Read More…]

I Hope I Never Have to Attend a Catholic Funeral

There was a story the other day of a Catholic priest ruining a funeral because it was more important to him that Catholic tradition be preserved and a lesbian family member get denied communion than it was to have a service the family would have appreciated. I didn’t realize Catholics have a habit of making [Read More…]

Ontario City Council Members Wants to Reinstate the Lord’s Prayer

Last month, the Perth County Council (In Ontario, Canada) did something a lot of American city councils never have the courage to do. They passed a by-law (PDF) removing the Lord’s Prayer from the opening of their meetings, replacing it with a “Moment of Reflection.” It’s not the ideal change, but it’s better than the [Read More…]

How Do Christians Reconcile Gambling with their Faith?

If you saw the movie “21” or read the book Bringing Down the House, you know what card-counting is. But you might be wondering — aren’t we all — what would’ve happened if all those players were Christian? That’s what the movie “Holy Rollers” is all about: Even Christianity Today was intrigued by that premise: [Read More…]