iPhone Applications for the Pseudoscientific

Crispian has compiled a list of the number of iPhone apps that cater to the religious/pseudoscientific. Here’s a taste of it: Paranormal Woo Astrology – 65 Apps Tarot Cards – 61 Apps Psychic – 60 Apps Fortune Telling – 41 Apps Voodoo – 41 Apps Numerology – 32 Apps Palm Reading – 28 Apps Ouija [Read More...]

The New Atheism Is Not Gone Yet

Professor Byron R. McCane is chair of the Religion Department at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I don’t know what it takes to earn that title, but it can’t be much. In an opinion piece for The State newspaper, he shows his complete ignorance about atheism in America. New atheism looked like the wave [Read More...]

An Atheist Who Prays

I want to empathize here, but it’s tough. I understand how comforting it would be to *think* someone was listening to (and maybe answering) your prayers. But how could any atheist think it’s “nice” to pray… when you know no one is listening? It just seems futile at best, silly at worst. [Read more...]

Atheist Dating Advice for Women?

Now that we know how to meet and woo the atheist women, people are asking me for the list of how to woo the men. I didn’t realize we needed one of those. If you breathe and have estrogen, we’re already into you. (I speak for straight guys.) But if you have suggestions for where [Read More...]

How to Transition from Godless to Godly

Troy Conrad is offering suggestions to those atheists who find themselves becoming religious, but who are not sure how to make that transition happen. As freethinkers, we’ve gotten a bit rusty in the worship department. When working out the faith muscle, we must start slowly so it doesn’t get overtaxed. Start out at the Joel [Read More...]