An Angry Atheist (for the Right Reasons)

Greta Christina‘s angry. For good reason. And not just one reason. There are (unfortunately) plenty of them: I’m angry that women are having septic abortions — or are being forced to have unwanted children who they resent and mistreat — because religious organizations have gotten laws passed making abortion illegal or inaccessible. … I’m angry [Read More...]

Getting Paid for Unused Religious Holidays

The Washington Post ran a story on Friday on how federal agencies and employees were using the guise of paid religious holidays to take their vacations. This allowed them to cash in on unused vacation days when they finally retired: When Mark Elengold retired as a top government drug regulator in 2005, he received $18,733 [Read More...]

Christianity is Indian!

I was destined to go to church, wasn’t I? (Thanks to Mriana for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism, indian, desi, Christianity, Bible, God, Jesus[/tags] [Read more...]

Did He Think We Wouldn’t Catch Him?

From the same mold of minds that said writing out 10262 “would [require] fill[ing] up the entire known universe with paper,” we get another piece of crazy mathematical manipulation. Chuck Colson wrote a piece for The Christian Post in which he said this: Even atheist Richard Dawkins admits that there is a one-in-seven chance that [Read More...]

Steven Pinker and Rebecca Goldstein Interviewed at Salon

Steven Pinker (author of The Blank Slate) and Rebecca Goldstein (author of The Mind-Body Problem) were interviewed on today. Here’s what the intellectual powerhouse of a couple had to say on religion: Do both of you consider yourselves atheists? [pause] GOLDSTEIN: Yes. PINKER: Yes. GOLDSTEIN: Proud atheists. PINKER: There, we said it. [Laughs.] So [Read More...]