Help Possummomma

Possummomma (a.k.a., Atheist in a mini van) has Lupus-related sensitivity to light. She can’t even spend time with her kids in certain rooms because of the danger in being exposed to UV rays. More of her backstory can be found here. Berlzebub’s Inferno has been spearheading a campaign to raise money to help take care [Read More...]

Unitarian Universalist Discussion Questions For I Sold My Soul on eBay

Steve Caldwell has compiled a new list of discussion questions for I Sold My Soul on eBay, specifically for Unitarian Universalist groups: The discussion questions [in the back of the book]… assume a more traditional Christian point of view and are not applicable for most Unitarian Universalists. Many of these discussion questions are not applicable [Read More...]

Annual Meeting of the Atheist Minds

This weekend, for the fourth year in a row, the leaders of nearly all the major atheist/humanist organizations in the country will be meeting in Tampa, Florida to discuss ways to collaborate, share resources, and decide best methods to share our message with others. Participating organizations include: American Atheists American Ethical Union American Humanist Association [Read More...]

Ellen Johnson on Politics and Religion

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, speaks about John F. Kennedy, the troubling union of religion and politics, and how atheists should let their issues guide their votes. At the very end, she makes this remark (read the full transcript here): … But we need to work very hard to make the politicians aware that [Read More...]

The Top 50 Atheist Aphorisms

An unofficial list of the “Top 50 Atheist T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker Aphorisms” according to… well, I’m not sure. But some are quite entertaining: Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers Honk If Your Religious Beliefs Make You An Asshole Intelligent Design Makes My Monkey Cry Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion. There’s A REASON [Read More...]