Jesus on eBay? Never…

The sign below was found outside a church in Balham, London. That’s absurd. We all know you could never find anything Jesus-related on eBay… (Thanks to Andrew for the pic!) [Read more...]

What Could You Never Say in Church?

My friend Anne Jackson is going to publish a book later this year called Permission to Speak Freely. It’s a sort of Christian version of PostSecret, where people confess things they believe but feel they cannot say in church. For example: … I support civil unions for homosexual couples. … I just had a drink [Read More...]

The Debate Over Unscientific America

Last night, I went out with a friend from high school. Let’s call her… Bob. Bob’s an engineer and she’s religious. At some point, conversation turned to God (I swear, it always does when I’m around…) and I mentioned that I’d been reading a lot of the back and forth over Chris Mooney and Sheril [Read More...]

Help Out My Friend? It’ll Be Quick.

The Cirkus Prinsessan Festival is a competition/showcase in Sweden for female circus artists. They are searching for the “world’s best female performer” and 14 candidates will advance to the finals. 13 chosen by a panel of judges, and 1 chosen by the YouTube viewing audience. All finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to the finals [Read More...]

Camp Quest Featured in The Economist

There’s an almost-accurate and very positive article about Camp Quest in The Economist today. It’s certainly better than the piece of crap in The Sunday Times (UK) last month. Campers are not told that there is no God; only that they should weigh the evidence. They learn about the scientific method… The kids are encouraged [Read More...]